Best Office Chair Under 100 You Should Not Miss

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You may not notice it, but a lot of health problems stem from our poor sitting posture. A good office chair can make it all different. It fixes your posture, and more importantly, gives you comfort.

If you know that but have little money to invest in a high-end office chair, this article is for you. We have gathered the best office chair under 100 in this article.

Check it out.


Why Should You Buy A Good Office Chair?

The popularity of telecommuting means your workspace is no longer restricted within an office. Rather, you are doing your jobs anywhere, even on the couch or on the bed. You may feel comfortable working that way, but in the long run, it will do harm to your health, causing fatigue, headache, and backache.

To avoid these issues, you should maintain the correct posture, which involves keeping your spine properly aligned. This is critically important since you spend a part of your life at work.

The first step in improving your posture is to get a good office chair.

Pay attention.

A high-quality office chair should be ergonomic, but ergonomics are not everything. You should invest in a chair that provides adequate lumbar support and pelvic support, which reduce the stress on your back and minimize fatigue. Also, a good seat offers neck support, thereby preventing pain and stiffness.

It is safe to say that better office chairs come with better health.

A hidden benefit of quality chairs is improved productivity. As you feel more comfortable sitting in a fully padded chair, you will work more efficiently. Gradually, you will become more and more productive at work. Great!

Comparison Table of Top 3 Products

Editor's Choices
OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair, Bonded Leather, in Black*
OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair, in Black (ESS-6060)*
Best Selling
HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair Mesh Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Heavy Duty 400 lb Max -...*
Price not available
Price not available
Best Feature
Great value for the price
High-end office chair with luxurious features
High weight capacity of 400 pounds
Customer's Rating
Editor's Choices
OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair, Bonded Leather, in Black*
Price not available
Best Feature
Great value for the price
Customer's Rating
OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair, in Black (ESS-6060)*
Price not available
Best Feature
High-end office chair with luxurious features
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair Mesh Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair Heavy Duty 400 lb Max -...*
Best Feature
High weight capacity of 400 pounds
Customer's Rating

Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 100

OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair - Best Value For Money

Following is an executive office chair by OFM Essentials. It is one of a few models under 100 that offer excellent value for money. What you get is beyond the number of bucks you spend.

You will agree with us once you have a chance to see and try this chair in person.

At first sight, this model looks stylish with smooth leather upholstery, which gives off a luxurious vibe. Such a seat is further complemented by fine craftsmanship and attention to detail in the stitching that few products in the same price range have.

This OFM Essentials product also earns a lot of compliments for adjustability options. Besides the common height adjustment and 360-degree swivel, the chair offers tilt tension and tilt lock for added comfort. You are able to tilt the back to take a quick nap before getting back to work. It is not comfy like a bed, but still great for a 15-minute rest.

For added comfort and neck support, the manufacturer equipped this chair with a headrest. You can say goodbye to neck pain from now on.

Compared to the Flash Furniture mid-back chair below, this one has more padding in the seat. Nonetheless, the cushion will flatten over time, making you feel hard as if sitting on cardboard.

The more you sit, the quicker it will be that way. Take this into account before making a decision.


  • Great value for money
  • Stylish leather upholstery
  • Many adjustability options


  • Mediocre padding in the seat

OFM Essentials Collection High Back Office Chair - Best Premium Chair

Looking for a high-end chair with all advanced features? This high back office chair by OFM Essentials Collection is exactly what you are seeking. 

You can tell this model is high end from the very first sight. Once it captures your attention, you can hardly take your eyes off it.

The thing looks perfectly splendid in black leather and sophisticated stitching. Then, the diamond pattern adds a final touch of luxury to its design. You certainly will have a great experience in this seat.

The look is not the only thing that earns compliments for this chair. Instead, people love how comfortable it is. Thanks to the in-built lumbar support cushioning and ultra-plush padding, you are able to enjoy great comfort in this OFM Essentials product. That is not to mention the padded loop arms along with headrest, which aims to fully support your upper body.

As an office chair, this one comes with all essential ergonomic features such as pneumatic height adjustment, center-tilt mechanism, tilt tension, as well as 360-degree swivel.

The whole chair is built to last. Thanks to the solid molded base, it stays firmly on the ground and hardly ever wobbles regardless of your weight.

Rest assured when using this high back product as it is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Should there be any problem, the manufacturer will solve it for you.

Of course, a premium chair is not cheap at all. This high back chair costs an arm and a leg, but it is definitely worth your investment. If you have money to spare, do not hesitate. Let’s bring it home right now.


  • Premium feel
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Upper body and lumbar support
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Sky-high price
  • No tilt lock option

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair - Best For Capacity

Most office desk chairs have a weight capacity of 250 pounds. While such capacity seems to accommodate a lot of people, it does not fit a number of plus-sized officers.

Are you searching for a heavy-duty office chair?

No worries as we are introducing one right now. This Sadie computer chair is designed for big and tall people. With sturdy steel construction, it is able to support a high weight limit of up to 400 pounds instead of 250 pounds. Also, you can rest assured that such a product can resist normal wear and tear and last for a long time.

As an office chair, it is equipped with a lot of ergonomic features, including the 360-degree swivel, adjustable arms, and adjustable lumbar support. No matter what your favorite posture is, you can always relax into this chair.

This Sadie Big and Tall model is also an outstanding office chair for lower back support. It features an all-mesh back that stretches to comfort and reduces pressure on your lower back. This is the chair you need to soothe the pain in your back. Skip, and you will regret it.

The full package includes assembly tools. However, the manual guide is poorly written. Few can figure out what is written inside the instructions.


  • High weight limit of 400 pounds
  • All steel construction
  • Breathable back mesh chair


  • Poorly written guide

Flash Furniture Purple Swivel Task Office Chair - Best Vivid Colors

Next is a beautiful purple mid-back chair that comes from the famous brand Flash Furniture.

We bet you cannot take your eyes off this office chair once you see it. The upholstery looks unique in bright colors with quilted design. Apart from the purple model we are introducing, you can choose different versions of blue, orange, green, etc. They will certainly light up your tiny home office.

This Flash Furniture chair is not only eye-catching but also functional.

The tufted upholstery is designed with a waterfall edge, which aims to improve circulation and reduce the stress on your legs.

Beneath the seat is a pneumatic lever for adjusting the height of your seat to fit with the desk and type or write from the optimal position. Meanwhile, the 360-degree swivel allows you to reach nearby work areas without standing up. That is pretty convenient and time-saving.

As an added perk, this chair is lightweight and easy to set up. Although there are no instructions, you can still manage to install it on your own quickly. About 10 minutes is enough.

Nonetheless, this product is not without drawbacks. Many customers complain about its little cushioning in the seat, which hurts your buttocks badly if you sit for a long time. This is a price to pay when you purchase a budget pick like this Flash Furniture.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Vivid colors
  • Unique quilted design
  • Great ease of setup


  • Little cushioning

Boss Office Products Deluxe Posture Chair - Best For Height Adjustment

This Boss Office Products model is a pretty basic desk chair judging by the traditional design and seemingly boring black color. However, the manufacturer knows how to upgrade it into a widely-loved office chair.

The best part about this posture chair is probably its height adjustment, which boasts a large vertical range. Hence, you can adjust the chair to fit even little kids. That is why although almost all office chairs under 100 come with height adjustment, this Boss Office model still stands out from the competition. It attracted a lot of customers who bought this model for their children.

Note that this chair does not lean back. People have different opinions over this feature. Some people think being able to lean back, distracts us from work, while others love it due to convenience. Hence, we think whether this aspect is good or bad is a matter of preference.

As for the seat, it is padded with a good amount of cushioning. Hence, it is comfortable to sit on, although you may feel a little scratchy at first.

Like most ergonomic office chairs, this one is designed to provide lumbar support and reduce the stress in your legs.

This Boss Office model is one of the excellent office chairs under 100. You can hardly find a comparable product at the same price point. Its only drawback might be the unattractive design.


  • Reasonable price
  • The large vertical range for adjustment
  • Durable construction


  • Scratchy seat

BTEXPERT Swivel Mid Back Office Chair - Best Sleek Chair

BTEXPERT designed this mid-back office chair with minimalism in mind. It looks incredibly sleek in a thin design and white color. This is a go-to option if you want an addition to your modern home office. We strongly recommend this product for the reception desk and office conference rooms.

It features pneumatic height adjustment and 360-degree swivel like most ergonomic desk chairs. Hence, you can always adjust the height and the direction of the chair as you wish.

What really makes it outstanding is the construction. The chair is crafted out of solid metal chrome, which feels sturdy and durable. The chrome base provides solid base support, while the chrome border offers a shiny look. It adds a sleek touch to the whole chair.

The seat is covered with high-quality leather for padding, which makes it comfortable to sit on. Nonetheless, as leather does not breathe well, it may feel hot and sweaty, especially on hot summer days.

The fact that the whole thing is priced in the low-end market makes it even more attractive in the eyes of customers. You can see that it offers good value for money.

There is little to complain about this product. Nonetheless, there are some reported cases in which the white upholstery picked up colors from clothing. Be careful then.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Solid metal construction
  • Good value for money


  • Plastic wheels

Sadie Mid Back Task Chair - Best Budget Office Chair

Perhaps you are interested in this: the most affordable chairs for the office under 100. Despite the low price, this Sadie mid-back chair delivers decent performance with a bunch of useful features.

Like the Sadie Big and Tall above, this chair treats your lower back well with the breathable mesh back. Feel free to relax into this chair completely without worrying about lower back pain.

There are intuitive ergonomic touches to make sure you have an enjoyable experience in the seat. For example, you can control the chair via tilt tension, tilt lock, height adjustment, as well as 360-degree swivel. Many people love that it has a tilt lock option - a feature that most office chairs under 100 lack.

What about the downside?

Well, this chair is padded with a little cushion, which feels hard and not really comfortable. What’s worse, the seat tends to lose elevation gradually. These drawbacks are a price to pay when you buy a dirt-cheap office chair.

Think about them carefully before making a buying decision.


  • Budget office chair
  • Breathable back mesh chair
  • Many ergonomic features


  • Little cushioning

Serta Leighton Desk Accent Chair - Best Comfortable Chair

Comfort is the most essential aspect that people seek in a high-quality office chair. If you are one of them, you should check out this accent chair by Serta Leighton. It is visually appealing and provides maximum comfort at the same time.

Do you wonder why this Serta Leighton is considered the most comfortable?

This is because it boosts memory foam cushion and pocket coils underneath, which will contour to your body when you sit on it. The problem is, you may drop off while working as you feel too comfortable in such a chair.

Apart from comfort, the chair also attracts a lot of customers with its elegant upholstery inspired by a modern farmhouse. It gives off a fresh vibe that surely brightens up your office.

Having rolling casters makes it convenient to move the chair across your workspace to pick up the documents you need. But pay attention; these plastic wheels tend to break if exposed to external impacts. You had better handle them with care.


  • Maximum comfort with memory foam cushioning
  • Modern farmhouse design
  • Elegantly textured upholstery


  • Plastic wheels

Armen Living Daphne Office Chair - Best Unique Design

This Armen Living Daphne chair boasts a unique design that is entirely different from other products on today’s list. Due to the walnut wood finish and traditional design, the chair has a vintage vibe to it. You will probably love how it easily blends into any office setting.

Its unique design is further complemented by a set of practical features.

We highly appreciate the smooth upholstery, which breathes well and keeps you cool even if you sit for hours. In addition, it is known to resist normal wear and tear. You do not have to worry about scratching the seat cover as with other chairs.

The padded back is also excellent as it offers back support and keeps your spine aligned, which is the key to a healthy posture.

For added mobility, the manufacturer equipped this chair with dual rolling casters.

Due to the low back, tall people might feel awkward, lack of back support, and in worse cases, develop back pain after spending a while in this chair.


  • Elegant unique design
  • Breathable upholstery
  • Padded back for the right posture


  • Lack of instructions

Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair Desk Chair - Best For Maintenance

This ergonomic gaming chair will end our list today. It is a multi-purpose product, so you can use it for many different purposes, including working.

You can tell that this is a gaming chair at first glance, judging by its bold design. Hence, it may not fit in an office setting. But if you work at home, who cares? Just go for the most comfortable one. And this ergonomic chair by BestOffice Store surely meets that demand.

It comes with a lot of comfort features, such as a wide seat, high-density sponge cushion, breathable premium PU leather, and adjustable lumbar support pillows.

Want to know the best part?

The whole upholstery is resistant to oil and water, which makes maintenance a breeze. You can simply wipe the chair clean if there is a speck of dust.

On the flip side, this outstanding gaming chair is extremely top-heavy with a small wheel span.


  • A lot of comfort features
  • Oil and water-resistant upholstery
  • Quick and simple installation


  • Top-heavy

Comprehensive Buying Guide

When choosing office chairs under 100, you need to take into account some essential factors. No need for searching, as we gathered them all here for you.

Check out the detailed buying guide below.

1. Upholstery

best office chair under 100 amazon

The seat should be padded with enough cushioning so that it feels soft and comfortable. On top of that, the upholstery material should be breathable.

2. Support

A quality office chair offers not only lumbar support but also pelvic support to help you take good care of your back and maintain a good posture while working.

All officers, especially those who have back pain, should take back support into account while buying a chair.

3. Adjustability

The more adjustable it is, the more enjoyable experience you have in a chair.

Apart from common features such as pneumatic height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, you should look for more options such as tension and tilt control, arm adjustment, etc.

4. Wheels

The wheels should be durable so as not to break under pressure. They had better be made of steel or PU leather instead of plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy a Desk Chair?

best office chair under 100 dollars

Desk chairs can be bought along with desks or separately. You can find a wide variety of models and colors in furniture stores such as IKEA, American Signature, etc.

It is advised to visit a physical store to try out a product before making the final decision. Nonetheless, you can always make an online order.

Should an Office Chair Have Arms?

Arms are something of personal preference. Some people love non-arm chairs because of the freedom and convenience it offers. Meanwhile, others enjoy sitting in a chair with padded armrests as they feel comfier.

If you have no idea which one fits you, our advice is to try out both of them before making a purchase.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for the Office?

It is no doubt that gaming chairs are great with more comfort and adjustability options compared to office chairs. Yet, most gaming chairs have a bold design that does not seem to fit in an office setting. 

But if you work at home, feel free to buy any chair you want, as long as you feel comfortable in it. 

The Bottom Line

A good office chair is essential as it improves your posture as well as provides you comfort. More notably, it helps you avoid annoying pain in the back and neck in the long run.

Take your time and pick one out of the top 10 best office chairs under 100 we reviewed above.

Thanks for reading.

OFM Essentials Collection Executive Office Chair, Bonded Leather, in Black*
  • EXECUTIVE SWIVEL CHAIR: The smooth, pliable SofThread Leather seating surface with tailored stitching detail gives an upscale, luxurious feel at a compelling price
  • COMFORTABLE STYLE: This home office chair provides comfy all-day upper body support with an integrated headrest and fixed arms. Arm Height: 23.75 - 27.50 inches
  • ERGONOMIC POSTURE SUPPORT: Fully adjustable seat height and seat back recline match your comfort and work preferences
  • DURABLE OFFICE FURNITURE: This heavy duty chair has a 250 pound weight capacity for long-lasting use. Seat Height-17.50 - 21.25 inches. Seat Size-19.25 W x 17.50 D inches. Back Size-19.75 W x 21.25 H...
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT: Relax knowing this computer chair is backed by the Essentials by OFM limited warranty

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