All You Should Know about the Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

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As there are many reasons you feel the neck pain at work, you may wonder why it is happening. Well, one of the possible reasons might be the uncomfortable office chair.

A chair without a headrest may add an excruciating pain and stress to your spine, leading to the unnecessary neck pain.

So, how do you change that? The answer is simple - with the best office chair for back and neck pain!

Since there are multiple choices currently on the market, we have selected the top ten for you, reviewed their pros and cons, and offered various possibilities for you to pick them.

So, stay tuned and in the following parts find out all you should consider when buying the right chair for you.

Enjoy the search!


Top 3 Suggestions

Best Office Chair For Neck Pain On The Market: My Top 10 Recommendations

Komene Ergonomic Office Desk Chair - Reduces Pressure

Let's begin with our top recommendation! This fantastic chair offers various body adjustments and positions for those who spent more than eight hours working.

Therefore, our best office chair for neck and shoulder pain provides multiple locations for your arms, head, and back, ensuring maximum comfort.

The breathable mesh material reduces the heat and pressure, allowing cooling effect, offering a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

But that's not all since the adjustable headrest supports your head and neck, reduces neck pain, and prevents any injury and stiffness.

So, neither will your head nor shoulders hurt since you can lean behind and feel the pleasant touch of the content.

Speaking of that, the ergonomic office chair with height-adjustment supports the entire back, and the natural curve of your spine.

Moreover, the adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and neck support provide regulation from 90 to 110 degrees, so that it reduces lower back pain and any other pain you might feel

This way, you can stretch fully, or simply sit and recline because there will be no pressure at any part, and you'll feel relaxed.

Of course, the headrest is 5 cm thick, mainly for those who feel neck and shoulder pain because it increases blood flow and relaxes muscles.

Armrests are 70 degrees curved, easily adjustable, and support the muscle strains in upper arms and shoulders.

Finally, the ergonomic chair will adjust to working conditions, increase comfortable feeling, and reduce pressure; therefore, you'll be full of energy whenever you use it. What else do you need?


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent support
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable price


  • Not for taller people

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair - Best for Ergonomic Design

We're moving on to this amazing office chair for neck pain! Let's see why it won our hearts.

First of all, this height-adjustable ergonomic office chair offers great comfort because you can find a comfortable position for your body. The high-quality chairs for the office have the adjustable height of the headrest and angle, which you can regulate as you wish.

But, chairs for neck pain also have seat depth and lumbar support, which you can moderate as well. So, you make your little paradise!

In contrast with traditional chairs, our best ergonomic chairs for neck pain have breathable material - mesh - which reduces the sweat, and heat, offering an amazing cooling effect.

Furthermore, the back support provides a pleasant skin-touch for your back, spine, and neck, thus providing maximum comfort.

If you like various body positions, you can use the tilt system to set up the wanted location and recline, stretch or just sit in the comfortable seat and chair in general. So, it's up to you how to moderate the right posture for excellent neck support.

The installation is effortless since you'll get instructions on how to set it up in eight steps.

Additionally, pneumatic controls and tilt systems allow you to moderate the ergonomic chair as you like until you feel comfortable working for long hours.

The highest quality content such as soft cushion seat, movable wheels, sturdy armrests, and headrest provide 330 lbs of maximum weight capacity; so everyone can use it.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent price
  • Durable


  • Minor design flaws

REFICCER Bonded Leather Office Chair - Fantastic Durability

Next on our list, we have this perfect chair for neck support. It offers a relaxing feeling and comfortable seat since our chair has excellent lumbar support consisting of the double-padded high-density foam seat cushion and high back. So, we guarantee a relaxing atmosphere with no pressure at all.

You can also lower or raise the neck support chair as it has height-adjustable control handle, pneumatic, and tilt control systems.

Thus, our ergonomic office chair moves from 90 to 10 degrees; it all depends on which posture you want to take.

Besides, the 360 degrees of swivel and smoot wheels protect the floor from any damage and scratches and offer full movability in all directions.

By the way, our best chairs for neck and shoulder pain is secure, stable, durable, and reliable.

As you might find, the chair consists of a heavy-duty nylon base, which provides lasting for an extended period, and guarantees service for many years. The maximum weight capacity measures 250 lbs and you'll find it convenient for everybody.

Being so stylish, modern, and elegant, it is multifunctional since you can place the chair in the office and schools, faculties, gaming or study rooms, etc.

And, you'll get a one year warranty period for fixing mistakes, if there are some; however, we don't think that will happen.


  • Affordable price
  • Quick installation
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support


  • Not for heavy use

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair - Remarkable Comfort

Have you ever thought of a 3D back and neck chair? If you have, we have something special for you.

We're reviewing our head and neck 3D chair for you! You'll see, it has 3D adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, elastic, breathable mesh, smooth hydraulics lift, 135-degree height-adjustable back support, dual wheels, and bonus hardwood floor roller blade wheels. Woohoo, so many things! Let's find out more!

Concerning the adjustable armrests, they can go up or down, back or forth; they can even rotate if you like - the options are limitless!

That's why they are 3D! Height adjustment of the lumbar part also offers various modes; therefore, the back hugs you while the seat moves up or down for ultimate comfort! 

So, you can sit for hours, lean or recline - neck and back pain will disappear in a second!

The breathable mesh will prevent sweating and heat, increase the cooling effect, and allow airflow and ventilation for its users.

Plus, it's smooth and soft for your skin, so it differs from traditional chairs. In our 3D ergonomic office chair, you'll forget you're even working!

The five-star base wheels arrange weight on all parts and provide better stability and safety while sitting in the chair for neck pain.

The heavy-duty base endures up to 275 lbs; hence, the chair is convenient for children and adults as well.

Finally, adjustable headrest and back support move up to 135 degrees, and you can regulate tilt and pneumatic controls to find the right posture for your body or lower back.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support
  • Durable
  • Great price


  • Minor design flaws

CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair - Maximum Stability

Moving on with the list, we present to you our ergonomic office chair willy adjustable design. As you may observe, the height adjustment is related to lumbar support, headrest, armrest, and back support.

So, the whole char is adjustable, which is perfect since you can regulate the body posture according to your needs.

Furthermore, our chairs for the neck feature breathable material that allows the air circulation and keeps you back fresh.

Therefore, the chair reduces back and heat pressure and provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Thus, your upper and lower back will never sweat.

The design and construction are reliable, safe, and sturdy since the heavy-duty base arranges the weight in all its parts; hence, the chair endures up to 275 lbs

Moreover, the 360 degrees of swivel and smooth design offers full movability in all directions. Also, the chair can recline from 90 to 135 degrees, and you can take the wanted position.

BIFMA gas lift certificate confirms the chair's robust and reliable construction; therefore, it won't easily break or crack. And you can sit stable in the soft and comfortable seat.

It is vital to mention that the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty period regarding the chair, replacing the chair, or refunding your money if you're not satisfied.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support


  • Missing parts while shipping

Home Office Chair Mesh Ergonomic Computer Chair - Incredible Sturdiness

Another incredible ergonomic office chair is this beauty. We simply love it since our best office chair for neck and shoulder pain reduces pain from upper body parts.

However, it decreases the lower back pain as well because the adjustable headrest and lumbar support rotate, go up or down according to your preferences. Besides, you can remove the headrest if you don't need it.

Also, the adjustable armrests move up or down, forth and back, or rotate 20 degrees for the wanted position. The reviews show an incredible sense of future and technology.

So, the chair shows small design details that bring much satisfaction and fun to your office and working routine.

The ergonomic system adapts to your spine and back, so the office chairs reduce spine pressure and fatigue. No pain will ruin your day!

The content allows full ventilation and air circulation; therefore, the lumbar, back, and neck parts don't heat up and don't increase sweating.

Mesh is not brittle or hard but flexible and user-friendly, offering a pleasant and soft touch to your body and skin. So, it's not difficult to sit in the seat support.

The setup is straightforward since the neck chair contains all the elements for installation and the manual; thus, you won't need additional tools.

You'll need approximately half an hour to install it. However, if you have issues, please contact customer service to explain it in a video.


  • Comfortable
  • Super price
  • Quick installation
  • Excellent support


  • Minor design flaws

Furgle Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back Office Chair - Both for Gamers and Office Workers

Who says gaming chairs are for gamers only? Watch us; we'll prove it differently! We're moving the boundaries with these perfect gaming/ office chairs! Join us!

The heavy-duty metal frame, an integrated high-density sponge with foam fillers, offers maximum comfort and pleasant touch for your head, hips, back, and lumbar support. These parts are prone to rebound.

Moreover, the gaming chair is the same as racing, so it has the same wrapping feeling and ergonomic design.

Speaking of material, leather is breathable; it doesn't allow any sweating, heat, or pressure. The air circulation flows smoothly, as well as blood circulation, without any problem. The installation is straightforward, as you'll get the instruction manual.

A 4-stage hydraulics piston, five-star aluminum wheelbase, and three millimeters thick ventilation plate on the underside of the seat cushion endure up to 300 lbs of maximum weight capacity, providing ultimate safety.

So, the neck chair won't crack or break; it's suitable for heavier persons too.

Concerning adjustability, the 4D armrests can rotate and change positions as you like.

By containing stronghold and thick padding from inside and outside, the back support annihilates fatigue, relieving neck, spine, arms, and lumbar part from pain.

Wheels contain low noise and high-quality PU, which allows them to leave the floor unharmed and movable in all directions, with the 360 degrees rotation system.


  • Comfortable
  • Quick assembly
  • Safe
  • Suitable price


  • Quality flaws

LIANFENG Ergonomic Office Chair - For Big and Tall Persons

Another astonishing neck chair from the list is this beauty. It keeps you fresh while sitting since the breathable mesh allows airflow and ventilation, reducing the sweat and heat.

Also, the elastic content offers soft and pleasant to your skin, and it's easy to clean.

The backrest design in a Y shape with three fixed points is durable, stable, and safe.

But, the armrest support and the lumbar support are adjustable, and you can regulate them to gain the right posture. You'll protect your waists and alleviate lower back pain.

PU armrest with neck part and upper reclining part helps you find the adjustable position too, and you can recline, lean, or sit as you need to.

These parts will reduce the neck, arm, back, or lumbar pain immediately to the minimum, and the ergonomic office chair will provide you the most comfortable feeling.

The adjustable headrest will reduce the neck pressure while leaning or reclining back. And the producer offers a one year warranty period, and you can replace the neck chair if you have some issues or are unsatisfied.


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Great support


  • /

Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair - Safe Use

The penultimate neck chair from the list is our beautiful ergonomic chair containing a five-star base with a smooth and swivel wheels system.

Thus, they can move in all directions, silently protecting the neck chair and floor from various scratches, damage, and harm. As you see, the chair is harmless for the floor, but users as well.

To continue with, we must mention the breathable mesh content with built-in lumbar support, adjustable height, and seat depth regulation.

Since the mesh has small, almost invisible holes, the neck chair allows the air to circulate, regulates the blood circulation, and prevents the heat. So, no pressure will occur.

Furthermore, the headrest contains a nylon base and adapts to various head positions without sweating.

Of course, armrests and lumbar parts are movable as well; thus, you can moderate the posture of the neck and your body to find the perfect match.

Being multifunctional, our amazing neck chair can decorate your office, study room, conference room, etc. the black color matches all furniture types, and you'll satisfy your needs.

However, this beautiful neck chair also offers excellent proportions and price, and you can check them if you decide to opt for it today!

If you have specific issues regarding our excellent product, you can always contact the customer service, and they can guide you in solving these issues.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable


  • Threads for screws may mismatch

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair - Extraordinary Quality

We're finally here! We present you with the ultimate neck chair from the list! Although it takes the last place on our humble list, we adore it for multiple reasons. Let's go through them together!

Firstly, we have height adjustment of the upper parts - headrest, armrests, and neck part. As you might observe, the back angle has three various positions that you can take when reclining, leaning back, or sitting.

With pneumatic and tilt controls, you can easily find what suits you the most and set it up. A pneumatic cylinder raises or lowers the neck chair effortlessly until you find the ideal match.

Secondly, the lumbar support adapts to various lower back postures, offering maximum comfort and peasant touch skin.

Moreover, the seat cushion also ensures maximum stability and safety, since the seat support and lower back part combine with the tilt mechanism for users to sit straight and correct with no pressure.

Thirdly, the armrests also take various postures relieving pain from upper arms, shoulders, and waists.

If you want to stretch them, you can do it too without any problems. The office chair for neck support will offer a wide variety of possibilities for all body parts.

Even though the price might be a little higher, the best quality material - breathable mesh, which reduces heat and pressure, offering cooling and pleasant effect - it is definitely worth every penny you spend for this extraordinary chair for neck support!


  • Excellent support
  • Quick assembly
  • Excellent design


  • High price

What is The Best Office Chair for Neck Pain? - Buyer's Guide

best office chair for neck pain 2020

Choosing the best office for neck support might be challenging for you since you can feel lost on the market, searching for the right one.

However, you shouldn't feel desperate since we'll be your light at the end of the tunnel and help you in your treasure quest. Read our guide, and find suitable office chairs for your needs!

1. Comfort

The first thing you should consider when choosing the best neck pain office chairs is a comfortable and pleasant touch skin. This is important since not every office chair will provide you this feeling.

Many might sting or tighten you; thus, the pressure would increase, and you'll feel body pain. Therefore, check the conformity level before buying chairs.

2. Ergonomic Design

As the very title says, the best chairs are ergonomic office chairs. Why? 

Because the best ergonomic office chairs reduce pressure and heat, increase the cooling effect, and adjust to various working conditions and atmosphere.

Whenever you recline or just sit in the chairs, the relaxing and soft touch will take you to the whole new dimension of a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Content

best desk chair for neck pain

Another feature you should pay attention to is whether the content contains high-quality material. As you could read on our list, the breathability of content makes office chairs attractive to customers.

Speaking of that, you might want to search for mesh since this material provides airflow, reduces heat, sweat and pressure, and allows cooling effect.

So, no matter whether you're sitting, reclining, or leaning back, the stress will disappear.

4. Durability and Sturdiness

Next off, we suggest you check the construction. If it contains a heavy-duty metal or iron base, you can say those back support chairs are the best.

They can endure much weight capacity, won't break or crack easily, and will withstand heavy use. Moreover, those neck and back support seats will last longer.

5. Safety and Reliability

As previously said, if the construction is durable, it's safe and reliable for more substantial use.

This means that all users can sit in the chair seat without worries if they fall onto the floor. It's impossible to do so since the best ergonomic chair seat will equally arrange the weight to all caster parts for ultimate comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Chair for Neck Pain?

The answer would depend on what you're looking for. There are various measures and contents regarding the seat chairs.

However, we recommend the one which has a comfortable ergonomic design, adjustable reclining system, and breathable material.

Regarding the list, that would be our winner - Komene Ergonomic Office Desk Chair - since this comfortable chair has proven to be the best option for its users!

2. What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting Long Hours?

best ergonomic office chair for neck pain

Definitely the one with the ergonomic design, comfortable seat, movable parts, and breathable material.

As you will sit for long hours in the office, you might not want to take a break, so the chair will allow you to stretch, recline back and relax your eyes, and reduce the pressure.

Also, you won't sweat since the cooling effect will keep your back, head, and neck dry. Although the list might be longer, if you want the perfect chair, check these qualities.

3. What is the Best Chair for Office Work?

It should be similar to the one from the previous question since you might spend extended time working in front of the laptop or computer.

However, you might want to move around quickly in the office; therefore, you should look for the one with movable wheels as well. These wheels can rotate and move in all directions and ease your working hours.

Besides comfort and pleasant touch, you should think of movability as well.

Final Thoughts - Summary

The top choice from the list is our best ergonomic office chair or Komene Ergonomic Office Desk Chair!

It has extraordinary back and neck support with an adjustable system, adjustable arm and headrest, and comfortable lumbar part.

Moreover, the breathable mesh material prevents heat and sweating, increases the cooling effect, and offers pleasant and comfortable touch skin for your back, body, spine, and shoulder.

Additionally, the construction is sturdy, stable, durable, and reliable; hence, the chair offers maximum safety for all customers who use it during long hours in the office or wherever they work.

Our best office chair for neck pain has an excellent price, so it's affordable for many customers, who are astonished by the best quality an office chair can provide; therefore, everybody loves it!

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What else do you need when you can make your dreams come true with our impressive office chair for neck pain?

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