Enjoy Artistic Endeavors With The Best Drafting Chair

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When a rush of creativity comes by, you want to make sure you are supplied with the best accessories possible. You've got yourself a new set of pencils, highlighters, drafting table, but have you chosen the best drafting chair?

We are here to deliver our review with 8 picks of drafting chairs that will provide all of your demands and give you the best support possible.

Not only if you are an architect, artist, or any working in artistic fields, we have selected a few products that were our favorite choices for a doctor's office or spa centers.

Hope you enjoy the review and find your best pick.


Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Drafting Chairs For You In 2020

Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Stool - Best Overall

This budget deal will simply blow you off your feet. For a fantastic price, Boss Office Products offers a highly durable and sturdy drafting stool.

You would usually see this type of chair when you are waiting for your doctor's appointment or booking your next facial treatment at your favorite spa. But this type of drafting stool works for anyone who needs it.

The highly adjustable seat has height range from 28 to 34 inches by merely pressing the gas lift lever under the place. The classical design also features a chrome footrest ring that keeps your legs comfortable.

Now, this stool does not have any ergonomic features to it, so it may not be a suitable choice for those who sit around all day. It does have padded backrest and seat that offers optimal comfort for short sitting sessions.

The drafting stool can support up to 270 lbs of weight support, which goes without saying that it is not suitable for heavier people. Also, it features a heavy-duty chrome base with caster wheels that provide smooth movements around the workspace area.


  • Affordable
  • Padded backrest 
  • Height adjustable


  • Not ergonomic 
  • Not suitable for larger weights

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Blue Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair - Runner Up

The well-know Flash Furniture has been in the market for years now, delivering top quality furniture at budget-friendly prices.

This drafting chair is ideal for the art enthusiasts who like to perform their tasks at a standing desk. It is a drafting stool that is going to be a faithful companion to your art projects and other crafts.

The traditional design makes it a perfect decor piece to an office or workshop area, and here is why. The drafting chair has a workhorse seat that is appropriate for offices and for those who spend their day sitting.

You can easily adjust the seat height that ranges from 23 to 30 inches. Since it is on the comfortable side, you might want to consider it if you usually spend a whole day designing a project.

The mesh back design provides optimal airflow circulation and allows you to be relaxed and fresh throughout the day. Moreover, the swivel seat consists of thick padding that keeps you relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

For easing up the pain of sore legs, you can simply adjust the foot ring to your likings.


  • Adjustable footrest
  • Traditional design
  • Lumbar support 


  • The seat is slightly harder

Modway Veer Drafting Chair - Budget Pick

Ergonomic features are taking over the chair world. And for a reason, may we say so. Here is why you should consider Modway Veer drafting chair if you are an architect, artist, or worker who has prolonged sitting shifts.

The design is just like any other drafting chair we reviewed, nothing innovative but still featuring impressive quality. You can never miss with simple and traditional design, especially if you are not sure how to decorate your workspace.

This model comes in several unique colors that promise to easily any decor. A heavily padded seat and breathable mesh back design offer optimal lumbar support. This is why we recommend this pick as one of the best for long working hours that require you to check tasks sitting down.

The chrome footrest and easy-glide wheels smoothly run throughout any surface without scraping the floor. Also, you can adjust the seat height in terms of your likings and needs.

However, this chair probably would not be a good pick for taller people over 6ft. We recommend you consider some of the other drafting office chairs with higher backrest.


  • Various color selection
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat Height adjustable 


  • Not suitable for taller people

HON Volt Task Stool - Best In Leather Drafting Chairs

Here is a drafting chair that you will love based on its design and ergonomics. If your workspace features sleek, black details to it, you will appreciate this HON Volt drafting chair.

This chair is made out of leather upholstery that gives it a luxurious monochromatic look. It is designed with special care to those who want to feel unique and motivated through their artistic creation.

The next attractive feature that makes it unique is the budget-friendly price that is hard to resist. The heavy-duty chair comes at a cost, proving that you can be on the budget and still furnish your workspace with attention to details.

The soft-back declares that it will fit most body types and sizes, but we would recommend this chair to the slimmer and shorter ones.

Also, the height adjustment makes it easy to create a perfectly sized drafting chair. The height range selection is from 22 inches to 32, serving as a barstool and as a workspace companion.

If anything happens to the chair, the Hon Volt offers a lifetime warranty for this exquisite drafting chair.


  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Softback design
  • Luxurious design
  • Height adjustment


  • Lacks armrest 
  • Does not support a larger weight

Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair - Best Eco-Friendly Design

Anytime you wish to give your office, or home space sophisticated look, Poly and Bark can deliver your request.

This drafting chair draws inspiration from a classic mid-century design with sleek vegan leather. If you were looking for an affordable faux leather design, you have found your best pick.

The sleek design is also enriched with a chrome-coated steel frame, which gives it a luxurious feel. It would be a perfect addition to waiting rooms or even a conference room—your choice.

Moreover, the mechanism features a 360-degree swivel with pneumatic gas lift. The gas lift allows the chair to reach a certain height when you need it, or you can lower the setting down if you prefer it at a shorter height.

When you feel like switching the position and resting your feet, the drafting chair has a footrest ring that rotates. Although the armrest is not adjustable, it is slightly padded for your comfort.

Also, if you want to recline and rest, you can adjust the tilt backrest and enjoy your short break.


  • Affordable
  • Vegan leather design
  • Footrest ring
  • Titled backrest
  • Padded armrest
  • Chrome steel frame


  • Not so durable
  • The foot ring cannot support a large weight

Devoko Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests - Suitable Back Support

We never get tired of finding amazing budget deals. It's always impressive seeing that low price does not always mean lack of quality. The Devoko drafting chair is there to prove that you can still get a fantastic budget deal and high-quality drafting chairs.

If you prefer to switch up the position of sitting, you can do so in numerous ways. The Devoko drafting chair has adjustable height settings as well as tilt tension that ranges from 0 to 15 degrees.

The height of the chair can be tilted up to 30.5 inches to fit your needs during the busy schedule. For added convenience, the armrest can be flipped to 90 degrees and save up space. When you are not using the chair, simply flip the armrest up.

One of the most advanced features is the mesh back material that offers lumbar support. This is a beneficial feature to have during the hotter days. The breathable mesh material prevents sweating and promotes healthy airflow.

What's even more convenient is that the chair can support up to 280 lbs, which are an improvement compared to other chairs on our list.


  • Mesh back material
  • Supports up to 280 lbs


  • Tricky to assemble

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair - Good For The Money

Next up on our list of ergonomic drafting chairs is the Office Star Deluxe. This office chair presented by the Office Star brand features the adjusting mechanism that is intelligently designed. The design has a firm but flexible, breathable mesh back that is created for your comfort.

Moreover, the back of the office chair has lumbar support for all of your prolonged hours of work. The modern designs have height adjustment, which allows you to custom design the perfect height for your workstation.

The adjustment height range is from 24.25in to 33.75 inches so that you can use this chair for standing desk station or as a regular office chair pick.

What would a good drafters chair be without a footrest? Whenever you feel like switching up the position and give your legs a relaxation, you can use the footrest for such action. To make sure your body measurement fits the chair, you can also adjust the footrest.

Moreover, all the bodyweight is supported by the heavy-duty caster wheels, which are designed not to damage any floor surface. Not only that, but they also go smoothly over the carpet without any obstructions.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy assembly
  • Breathable mesh back 


  • Poor construction

AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Drafting Spa Bar Stool (Renewed) - Best For Medical Use

You can never miss with the Amazon Basics collection. If you prefer a simple design with an even simpler mechanism, then this is the right stool for you. Due to its basic configuration, the chair found its purpose as a stool as well as a drafting chair for standing desk.

The chair is designed with bounded leather, both in the backrest and seating area. From our experience, the material is easy to maintain and clean off if you are a spa worker who keeps hygiene as a priority.

The entire upper body is connected and supported by the chrome base with a foot ring. If you prefer not to have a foot ring, you can get a model without it. Amazon offers the exact model in beige if that fits your aesthetics better.

Moreover, the heavy-duty caster wheels are designed to support the weight capacity of 250 lbs, so this is not an ideal model of the chair for the heavier ones. The height-adjustable feature allows the chair to be leveled up to 36 inches.

Lastly, this Amazon pick comes with a 1-year warranty, so if anything happens, you can rely on the warranty covering your back.


  • Affordable
  • Traditional design
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not suitable for larger weight

Buyers Guide For Best Drafting Chairs

Suppose you are interested in furnishing your workspace with brand new drafting chairs, congrats! But there are some features you need to reconsider before you make your final purchase.

1. Seat Height

best drafting chair for back pain

Here is a simple feature that not everyone pays attention to. You have to measure out the height of your desk before you go on purchasing a drafting chair.

You can measure out the height to the highest point of your desk and then deduct about 12 inches or less to get the correctly sized chair.

Let's say your desk is 35 inches. Then you need seat height around 28 inches to fit the space.

2. Footrest

The footrest is one of the features that separate drafting chairs from regular office chairs. It has a ring shape, and it is designed for your feets relaxation by preventing swelling and lousy blood circulation flow. 

3. Armrest

best drafting chair for short person

As you can see, there are drafting chair with arms and without armrest selection. Here you should consider the type of work you do and decide whether you want an armrest or not.

If you are bound to your computer, typing all day, we recommend you go for the armrest model. You can rest the arms from time to time and release the tension that may occur in the back area. When you are doing a computer task that requires your hands to be the leaders, having an armrest can help reduce muscle tension, and it can give you adequate support. 

However, if you are doing various other projects such as designing, the armrest can quickly come in the way of your creativity. It's up to you to make the ultimate choice for us; the armrest is the crucial part when you want to take a break from the busy workflow.

4. Comfort and Ergonomics

best drafting chair amazon

These two features are the ones you should be looking for first, whether you are sitting for a longer time or doing less necessary tasks once you feel like you are struggling to achieve a perfect position, its time to look for a new chair.

Typically, office chairs are considered to be ergonomic due to its adjustable settings suck as adaptable back, height, seat position, and armrest height. Moreover, excellent lumbar support is also a crucial feature of quality ergonomics.

When a drafting chair has ergonomic settings, it usually means that it is designed for prolonged sitting sessions, when you are bound to spend up to eight hours sitting down.

Drafting chairs are usually designed for shorted seating periods. However, it does not mean that they are uncomfortable. The ones with higher backs and breathable mesh designs are our go-to pick.

The mesh material is designed to keep healthy circulation and prevent sweating during the long working hours. As for the higher back, we usually recommend this design to taller people who are looking for adequate support out of their products.

Also, you should check out the size of the seat as one of the principal components to comfort. If the seat is more spacious, it will give you more room to move around and will not restrict you in any way. It is also less likely you will feel any strain or tension in the hips.

FAQ About Best Drafting Chairs

1. What is a Drafting Chair

A drafting chair is specially designed for people in need of standing desk chairs. They are higher than the regular office chairs but still offer lumbar support, tilt tension and seat height modifications, and thick padding. 

2. Why Use a Drafting Chair?

Drafting chairs have become an integral part of your dentist's office or estheticians' beauty room. Most people use them as drafting table chairs, which have a higher stand.

They have some modifications to them, which makes them a perfect companion to short-term sitting sessions. 

3. How Tall is a Drafting Chair?

best drafting chairs 2020

Unlike regular adjustable height office chairs, drafting chairs have slight changes to them, which makes them a unique pick for workspaces.

We cannot precisely say what are the measurements of a drafting chair, because, let's face it, each manufacturer is different. Usually, drafting chairs have a height adjustment of 22 to 32 inches, which suits most customers.

Final Words

Finding a quality drafting chair in a sea of products can be quite challenging. But we have summed up our list and found our best pick for salons, waiting rooms, or home use that you will enjoy. The AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Adjustable Drafting Spa Bar Stool is, by far, one of the top drafting chairs we had the pleasure to review. 

Enjoy all your artistic endeavors with the best drafting chair of 2020.

Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Sool with Back in Black*
  • Upholstered in durable beige (bg) or black (bk) caressoft for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable seat height with a 6-inch vertical height range
  • Dual wheel casters
  • Attractive chrome finish on the base and gas lift
  • Adjustable back depth

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