The Best Serta Office Chairs Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying One

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We can all agree that getting an office chair can be frustrating. On the one hand, we have an immense variety of supplies on disposal and the other budget limitations, personal needs, desires, and orthopedic recommendations.

Blending all this into one perfect product is, in a way, an impossible mission, but If you do in-depth market research, you can single out some mid-range products that work more than well.

This time, we have looked through quite many office chairs and selected Serta as a reliable brand with high-quality products and reasonable prices.

In this article, we provide detailed and unbiased extensive Serta office chairs reviews, including everything you should know about them!

Keep reading and buy wisely!


About The Brand 

Serta is an American company, a pioneer in the mattress industry that has been producing the highest-quality mattresses since 1931. Nowadays, it is the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States, and one of the leading ones in the world.

For more than seventy years, this company has been on a mission of creating products, ultimately comfortable and perfectly ergonomic.

Exactly, for this reason, I believe that choosing their office furniture is a smart investment. Who could know more about ergonomics and coziness than a mattress company? Moreover, all their products are durable and exhibit incredible quality for honestly reasonable prices. 

Top 2 Serta Office Chairs Recommendations

In the following text, we prepared a detailed review of The Best Serta Executive Office Chair with all the essential features and editor's comments on each.

If you're looking for an elegant addition to your professional space, this leather, ergonomic chair might be just what you're looking for, so read on!


best serta office chair

When it comes to design, this chair is pretty simple. As you can conclude from the name, Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair is a broader model, specially constructed to provide comfort and extra space, so you don't feel entrapped. It features a high and full back, padded armrests, and a swivel. 

Therefore, it is quite an ordinary office chair with ergonomic construction and upgraded comfortability. As for the aesthetics, it does look quite modern and elegant due to its leather upholstery. Moreover, it is very subtle and easy to fit in any interior. 

Size and Weight

The chair measures 28 inches in width, 30.5 inches in depth, while the height can be adjusted from 45.75 inches to 49.5 inches. Furthermore, the back is 28 inches high, and the seat 18.75 inches deep. Overall, the construction is very heavy-duty and can withstand up to 350 pounds.


What gives this chair such a high weight capacity is its sturdy construction. All the components are made of high-grade commercial materials, proven to be reliable and durable.

Namely, the metal frame holds everything together and provides stability, while soft cushion padding is there for comfort. Armrests are additionally padded for maximum enjoyment while the entire chair is upholstered in black bonded faux leather.

Overall it looks exquisite and professional; at the same time, it won't wear off quickly. 


compare serta office chairs

Although it features a simple, ordinary design, Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair is entirely ergonomic. A high-back style provides support to all the critical points of your body.

First of all, elevated headrest takes the pressure off your neck and allows you to lean back conveniently.

Secondly, deep-layered seat cushions are honestly soft and comfortable, as well as padded armrests, ao you will be able to sit in a natural position.

And lastly, your lumbar area is supported by a contoured lumbar pillow preventing the lower back pain. Finally, you can even put your legs up on the scuff-resistant footpads.


In comparison to some leading office chairs, this model is not very advanced. You can adjust the height, and eventually, the back tilt, however lumbar support, armrests, and headrest are not adjustable at all.

Price and Performance

It is quite evident that what we have here is one cost-efficient chair. It is not the most affordable choice you can find, but on the other hand, not too expensive either. For the price, it features extraordinary quality and satisfactory durability.

However, customers complain there are many low-quality replicas on the market, so make sure you buy a genuine product.

The next chair from Serta is one slightly smaller model, but this time covered with soft microfiber, perfectly gentle on the skin.

So, let's see its general characteristics.


best serta desk chair

Our second-best pick does not differ much from the top executive chair. It is slightly smaller but also ergonomic and comfortable. The microfiber covering gives it a sort of vintage look, yet again entirely professional and suitable for an office. 

Size and Weight

It measures 24.75 inches in width, 28.75 inches in depth, and has an adjustable height from 40.25 inches to 44 inches. As for the back, it is 26.5 inches high, and the seat is 19.5 inches deep. The tested weight limit of the chair is 250 pounds.


In difference to our top pick, this model has plastic armrests and soft microfiber upholstery. Still, it is strong and durable, definitely feels better on the skin, but not as reliable as the other model we reviewed. When it comes to padding, the chair includes plush layered body pillows, very soft and comfortable. 


review serta office chair

As for the ergonomics, this chair provides the appropriate body support. It has padded headrest, high back, lumbar support and waterfall edged seat for ultimate comfort.

Everything is softly and thickly padded for extra enjoyment, including the armrests; therefore, It fully supports the healthy sitting posture and keeps you comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. 


The chair is adjustable in terms of the seat height and back recline. One lever enables you to adjust the height of the chair or the backrest's tilt, while the knob under the seat allows smooth rocking motion.

Price and Performance

This chair is most definitely one of the most affordable ergonomic office chairs on the market. It features excellent quality, high-grade design and comes with a 1-year warranty. So it's a star among the budget-picks.

The Verdict

best buy serta office chair

Given that both chairs come from the same manufacturer, they do not differ much in the quality. In fact, design differences are not that significant and apparent either.

Yet, If I must choose, I would have to give a slight advantage to the Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair. It is more spacious, has a metal frame that we have to agree is more heavy-duty than the plastic one. 

Furthermore, the seat has thicker and better-contoured padding than the Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow, and the weight capacity is higher.

Finally, while the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I would dare to say that the Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair is more elegant and subtle than the Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow

Consequently, this model costs more, so while you do get some additions for the extra bucks you pay, If you're on a budget, go with the Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest Pillow, it is just as good. 


  • High back
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Adjustable back
  • Metal frame
  • Soft padding
  • Contoured seat
  • Ergonomic design


  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Low-quality replicas are available on the market

In conclusion, both chairs are very durable and high-quality, yet the more expensive one naturally has a slightly more advanced design. However, whichever you choose, you won't regret it as they are made of high-grade materials, come with a warranty, and have proven as very reliable and comfortable.

If you want to explore some office chairs other than Serta, check out our articles on this matter and find the most suitable one for you.

Final Thoughts

review serta office chair

In conclusion, Serta is one honestly reliable brand that makes high-quality products made for the ultimate comfort and pleasure of the consumers.

Although known for their first-class mattresses, Serta also produces furniture, which is definitely worthy of attention.

Two best office chairs from Serta that we singled out are Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair and Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair with Headrest. Both models are ergonomic, made of commercial-grade materials and heavy-duty frames.

The first one features elegant, leather design while the second one is a more vintage and comfortable microfiber model. 

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