What is the best MAXNOMIC Chair? – An Unbiased Review

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Picture this: you are an office worker or a gamer, and you spend quite a lot of time in your office/gaming chair. However, after an extended period, something is strange. You feel pain in your arms, back, legs, lower back. You ascribe it to sitting for long hours. But is it so?

After some time, it occurs to you - your chair is letting you down. So, it’s time for a new one! So, which one do you choose? That’s where we are performing! You don’t select any chair, but the best office/gaming chair.

Please, let us present to you the MAXNOMIC office/gaming chair review! Please read our review, focus on the features of the chair, and get an insight into its perfection!


About MAXNOMIC Company

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Since 2011, the MAXNOMIC Company, with its headquarters in Germany, sells ESports chairs, made for requirements in office, gaming, and eSports demands. However, selling is not their only goal as their NeedforSeat® Team attempts to improve the chairs and make them flawless. 

After starting from zero, in March 2014, the NeedforSeat® Team decided to launch their chairs brand, called MAXNOMIC, made of two words: “maximum” and “ergonomic.” 

Of course, their main target is satisfied customers; therefore, the team not only knows all products by heart but is also available 24/7 to solve all issues regarding the chairs. Hence, they are working continuously on chairs development and improvement.

Finally, they sell the products online, or in their shops where the polite staff answers all your questions and shows the chairs perfections!

There are four types of MAXNOMIC chairs:

  1. 1
    CASUAL SPORT - the basic-level, most affordable gaming chair. With a super sporty appearance and great ergonomic comfort, it takes everyone’s breath away!
  2. 2
    PRO-GAMING & OFFICE - with enhanced seating comfort, and without compromising sporty appearance! The number one choice for our Esports partners!
  3. 3
    OFFICE COMFORT - an elegant, sporty executive chair with thick foam padding, adjustable lumbar support, and more extended seat base. It’s an ideal choice for extended periods of use! 
  4. 4
    XL SERIES - the most significant computer/gaming chairs on the market. Excellent for big and tall users, for maximum comfort. 

However, our concern will be the PRO-GAMING & OFFICE chair! So, let’s see why you should search for it. 

Physical Characteristics of Pro-gaming & Office Chair

1. Highly-adjustable Seat Back

maxnomic gaming chair review

First of all, this fantastic chair has a back seat adjustment. Therefore, you can recline in various angles, as the chair offers 56 edges of reclining - 49 back, and seven forward. However, as the adjustable back goes in combination with the tilt controls system, the chair can recline up to 67 degrees without any danger of flipping.

As the seat and back positions are separate, they can adjust separately as well, thus offering to every user to find the perfect body position. Being an ergonomic chair, the seatback also moves slightly forward to allow spine support when leaning into your work. You also can set the backrest to 83 degrees (90 degrees vertical) ahead.

2. Excellent Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is excellent for big and tall users, too, since the chair contains an adjustable backrest, which is vital for their spine. Moreover, you should know that each model of the OFFICE COMFORT series also includes this adjustable lumbar support; therefore, the users can find the additional tilt control knob on the side. If you want to see the wanted posture, you can rotate the knob, control the pressure, and support your spine. 

3. Metal Base

Contrary to traditional manufacturers and companies, the MAXNOMIC chairs don’t have the plastic construction base.

As you might observe, the MAXNOMIC office/gaming chairs have the heavy-duty aluminum base, which is highly durable, sturdy, reliable, and safe. The high-quality aluminum base has a diameter of 27.5 inches - 70 centimeters - thus, it will last for an extended period. 

By being sturdy and reliable, it won’t break or crack easily, and it will endure much pressure. Therefore, the chair is ready for heavy use. Plus, the slightly matte gloss finish can highly withstand any scratches. Hence, the base is easy to clean and maintain, and it will provide a sophisticated and elegant, yet sporty appearance.

Therefore, you can say that it’s a multifunctional chair, and you can use it in your office, study room, playroom, game room, etc. It will match all the furniture types!

4. Gas Lift Cylinder

maxnomic office chair review

One of the most vital, however, most neglected elements that keep the chair together from falling apart is the gas lift cylinder. Why is this so vital? Well, the MAXNOMIC chair has the Class 4 gas lift cylinder, contrary to standard chairs with class 2 or 3. 

This cylinder will last for an extended period, it is powerful, and will support up to 400 pounds (180 kg) of maximum weight capacity. The cylinder also provides an adjustable height of 4 inches, or 10 centimeters - plus/minus.

5. Standard Casters

The MAXNOMIC office/gaming professional chair contains the swivel and smooth wheels suitable for all floor types. The wheels consist of the PU (polyurethane) coating, thus protecting the floor from scratches or any other harm while offering full mobility in all directions. This way, you don’t have to get up from the chair to finish or take something; you can move fully across the whole room or office swimmingly. 

Since the wheels consist of PU, they don’t use the breaking mechanism to damage your floor; hence, you should unlock them for full mobility. However, they are quiet and smooth, gliding, so they will fully operate with the chair. The proportions measure 2 inches or 5 centimeters, and the wheel upholstery diameter is 5 inches, or 1.2 centimeters wide per wheel. 

6. Head and Lumbar Cushions

maxnomic office chair review

Concerning the head pillow, it contains a soft and magnificent velour with hollow fiber filling and an elastic band with a coating on the backside, which is anti-slip.

Concerning the lumbar pillow, it has the same material with molded cold cure foam filling. The pads are machine-washable and offer the softest and most pleasant skin touch, for ultimate comfort! 

7. 4D armrests

The armrests contain four adjustment directions: 

  • Height - with eight positions and tilt knob under the armrests
  • Side to width - three locations from left to right by using the knob
  • Side to side tilt - 11 degrees of adjustable angles
  • Back and forward - five adjustable posts by using til control knob

There are various options for your arms, shoulders, and waists adjustments. Thus, the armrests will reduce the pressure and protect your hands from pain.

Moreover, the padded armrests are soft, provide maximum comfort, and are easy to clean. Also, you can check the proportions and see how they fit all upper arms.

8. Tilt Mechanism

maxnomic gaming chair review

The durable and substantial tilt mechanism standard for all MAXNOMIC chairs provides an incredibly comfortable atmosphere and remarkable strength. Therefore, you won’t have to bother about whether something might go wrong with the chair - the chair will stay firmly on the ground, and nothing terrible will happen to you. 

The tilt mechanism has two control levels:

  • Height-adjustment - which is a free-selective adjustment, approximately 4 inches, or 10 centimeters, and
  • Seat angle - with five various adjustable positions

By using this mechanism, you can lift or lower the chair for 11 degrees too. However, if you use the tilt knob under the seat, you can regulate the amount of the back support tension, and balance the weight of the user.

Final Thoughts - What Now?

As you have seen in this MAXNOMIC chair review, the chair is an ergonomic one; therefore, it will quickly adjust to your body, gaming, or working conditions. 

Moreover, it is fully movable so that it won’t harm the floor. It’s also a big and tall office/gaming chair; hence, it can endure much weight and pressure; it won’t break.

Furthermore, the office/gaming chair is safe and reliable, thanks to its sturdy and durable base; consequently, it will last for an extended time.

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