Working in Comfort – The Best Chair for Programmers

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Programming is a tiresome process. It is described as a process of creating sets of instructions that tell a computer how to execute a specific task, and it requires an enormous effort and countless pages of coding.

It often includes long hours of staring at a computer screen in a bent position that is in no way healthy.

To do the job you're paid for, you have to have the best equipment available, and classic gaming chairs are not going to cut it.

When it comes to programming chairs, ergonomics is the most vital part that you should factor in your decision.

So, we've compiled the best chair for programmers list with products that will make you feel like you're sitting on a cloud.

Stay tuned and make sure to look at our buyer's guide to help you form a final decision!


Top 3 Chairs for Programmers: A Comparison Chart

The Best Chairs for Programmers Available: My Top 7 Picks

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair - Ultimate Comfort

The search for the best can be gruesome and tiring, especially if you want to find the combination of the best features in one product. This is where your worries vanish because we present to you the AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair.

Working long hours causes continuous stress on your upper and lower back from improper sitting.

However, this executive chair's curved contours keep your spine aligned at all times and offer optimal back support throughout the day. The seat is fully adjustable, from your preferred height to the tilt.

If you want to rock back or keep an upright position, a tilt-tension knob will do the trick.

Also, it has a 360-degree swivel and nylon casters that offer extra mobility and maneuverability throughout the day. With this much motion, any task is a joke!

The black leather and the PVC upholstery continues to be a perfect combination for comfort, but it also reduces sweating in a long exposure.

Even though it is primarily a brand of office chairs, the same concept and rules apply for programming chairs. Long hours equal lousy posture, which means that ergonomics is your go-to feature.

Furthermore, if you were to opt-out for this office chair, you'd get a 1-year limited warranty that keeps you safe in case of malfunction and manufacturing flaws.

Essentially, if you're not sure what to get and you're confident that your body needs a rest, this is the desk chair you'll enjoy!


  • Maneuverability
  • Seat adjustment
  • Back and lumbar support
  • Perfect for a work environment


  • /

HON High-Back Executive Chair - Motion

For our runner-up, we've prepared another executive chair that will accommodate all programmers in their night-duty quests. We give you the HON High-Back Executive Chair.

The first thing that you'll notice about this product is the sleek, elegant design. The matte, black color strikes the eye immediately, and the padded seat's comfort is unparalleled with most of the products on the market.

This chair features a synchro-tilt mechanism that offers a range of reclining positions, including seat height. Tilt tension and lock is there to prevent any accidental changes in the angle of the chair.

Plus, you'll also be able to adjust the arms height and width to your preferred position.

With this much customization, you'll achieve the perfect balance between comfort and support, which is one of the critical traits of the best chairs on the market.

When it comes to motion, wheels and a 360-degree swivel are there to help with all tasks, which in turn eliminates the need to get up and pause your progress.

As a programmer, you'll be in the zone for multiple hours at a time, and any unnecessary changes can disrupt your train of thought.

However, this much quality usually reflects in the price range, which is the case here. Still, if you want a fantastic product, this will undoubtedly be a smart purchase.


  • Design
  • Motion
  • Customization
  • Overall quality


  • Price range

Serta Executive Office Chairs for Programmers - Versatility

If you're ready to elevate things to a whole new level, you've got to try the Serta Executive Office Chairs for Programmers, an innovative solution for all your troubles.

It's a well-known fact that programmers need both comfort and support for their workdays.

Many manufacturers try to achieve this by implementing padded cushions that fit the build of a person precisely, but Serta introduced their customers with breathable mesh.

It's both cooling and comforting at the same time, thus allowing you to continue with your work uninterrupted.

Ergonomics-wise, the chair features a pillow headrest, padded armrests, and a waterfall seat edge.

For you that are not aware, a waterfall seat edge reduces leg pressure from constant sitting, but also reduces fatigue and improves your circulation.

The sheer design of this desk chair is intended to attract the customers with its race-car, futuristic look, and boy; it sure does the trick.

The combination of material, design, and the overall comfort targets the entire population, even people that work in higher positions.

Of course, mobility is also a nice feature with this chair. It includes rolling wheels, has a 360-degree swivel, and adjustable height settings.

However, some buyers have noted that the assembly process is quite gruesome since the equipment that goes with the chair is not of high quality. Still, once you pass that step, the world of comfort awaits.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Eliminates back pain/back support
  • Design
  • Mobility


  • Assembly

Herman Miller Embody Chair Black Balance - Innovation

If you've been scouring around the internet for a perfect chair, you've undoubtedly heard the name, Herman Miller.

It is one of the best manufacturing firms in the world of chairs, and we're here to present you one. Have a good look at the Herman Miller Embody Chair Black Balance.

This embody chair has one purpose, to mimic the human body entirely for the health benefits you'll need in a prolonged sitting session.

Spinal alignment is not a mere concept anymore since this chair positions your spine in a natural curve to achieve a balanced posture. This will not just help you remain focused, but it'll also make the entire process more comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, the web or the matrix of pixels embedded in the cushions is not only the cause of the overall satisfaction, but it also changes and comforts based on your movements.

This way, you won't have to jiggle around to find the perfect position continually - every position is excellent!

The chair itself has four different layers, each designed for a specific purpose. They all work in coherence to bring you the ultimate experience - to cool you, keep the airflow, and achieve total perfection.

However, the technology behind this chair is quite innovative, and with that comes a hefty price. It is a deal-breaker for most of the people, but if you feel like investing in your future, rest assured that the future is here.


  • Innovative embody chair
  • Embedded matrix of pixels
  • Layers of comfort
  • Reliable manufacturer


  • Price range

Au-Ag Home Office Chair Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support - High-Quality Material

Since we're talking about design, this product is the one you have to try if you're a fan of eye candies. Say hello to the Au-Ag Home Office Chair Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support.

If you observe the pictures, you'll find that this chair has a rather simple yet elegant look to it. But, don't let yourself be tricked by its thin look since the construction is quite sturdy.

It features a robust and pneumatic rod that adjusts the seat height and has a thickened base alongside a 1.8 mm steel frame that improves the overall stability.

As far as the materials go, the top layer is covered in smooth PU leather that is both wear-resistant and skin-friendly.

Even though it's not as thick as is the case with some chairs, it's incredibly comfortable. The padded armrests won't disappoint you as well.

Since the assembly process can often be complicated for some customers, especially if there are a lot of bolts and screws that need to be precisely put together, Au-Ag made everything easy.

The instructions are quite easy to follow, everything you need will come in the package, and you'll assemble the chair in 15 minutes.

Both gamer and the programming community have a rough time with constant sitting and back pain that comes from it, especially in the lower back.

Rest assured, this chair offers optimal lumbar support and solves all your pain issues. Plus, sitting in it will feel like a dream.

Still, it's not intended for people of a large composition, so think wisely before purchasing it.


  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy instructions
  • Fixes lower back issues


  • Not intended for large people

Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Smooth Transition

Next up is another Herman Miller product, and like the previous one, it does not disappoint. For every work environment, we give you the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to sit on a cloud, this brand of chairs will give you an improvised experience.

The Aeron chair features an elastomeric backrest and suspension seat, which has eight zones of different tension. By working together, they deliver comfort, support, and ultimate relaxation.

Since sitting in a motionless position keeps the circulation in place and stresses the muscles, people feel the need to move around.

However, most chairs are so rigid that it does not matter which position you're in; you're still going to feel tired. With technology that Herman Miller provides, you can forget all about that.

Moving and tilting in this brand of desk chairs adjusts the cushions and the shape of the chair itself, thus enabling for more maneuverability and, consequently, more rest.

Some customers have noted that there are slight variations when it comes to sizes, meaning that the size displayed on the site might not correspond with the actual one.

So, if you plan on ordering this chair via Amazon, make sure to check it in the store first and then order it, so that you don't end up with something you didn't want.

Besides the problem of the size, this desk chair is as good as it gets. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get this fantastic product if you're willing to invest a bit.


  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Spinal alignment


  • Size on the site doesn't match with the actual one

HON Wave Mesh High-Back Desk Chair - Budget-Friendly

For the last chair on our list of reviews, we give you the HON Wave Mesh High-Back Desk Chair - the one that both you and your wallet will cherish.

As is the case with all the best chairs, mobility is one of the most reliable features of this product.

The synchro-tilt enables you to recline to a specific angle, while the height adjustment lets you choose the exact position you want to be in. 

If you find yourself not being able to reach something, the chair swivels in a 360-degree angle, and the wheels are there to speed up the process.

Another great thing about this chair is the 5-year limited warranty that comes from HON

If you feel like you didn't get the exact product that you've ordered from the website, you can exchange it or contact the customer service to get a refund.

The best chairs for programmers require comfort after a long session, which is precisely what you'll get with the breathable mesh that this chair features.

It conforms to your upper body and keeps you fresh for an extended period. If you're in the work office and you need a breather, there's no need to get up.

Best of all, it's budget-friendly, and you won't feel a dent in your wallet! It might not be a smart investment in the long run, but it'll sure help you survive those long nights.


  • Mobility
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Breathable mesh
  • Excellent to use in the work office


  • Overall quality compared to other chairs for programmers

Programmers' Heaven - Finding the Best Office Chair, Buyer's Guide

We can research chairs as much as possible, but the only way to know what programmers need is to ask them directly. That is what we've done to get the best data.

So, we've created a buyer's guide based on their preferences for you to look at. Stay tuned!

1. Ergonomics

best chair for programmers 2020

In a broad sense, ergonomics represents a process of arranging features and specifications for them to fit the needs of the customers.

In this case, ergonomics will refer to the number one feature that programmers require out of a chair, which is customization.

Working long hours means multiple things - constant stress on your body and spine, the need to stand up and move around, but also motionless sitting.

So, programmers will need a chair that keeps its customized setting, but one that also changes and modifies once you're sitting in it.

That's why it's essential to find a chair with as many padded cushions as possible, breathable mesh, but also enough armrests and leg rests as possible.

2. Price Range

This is a vital factor to have in mind when you're choosing a work office chair. Even though you'll be using it for programming and you'll be sitting in it for a long time, that does not mean you should invest a small fortune in it.

Yes, some chairs are undoubtedly worth it, such as Herman Miller's, but overall you should target the ones with the optimal price-to-quality ratio. Chairs that are in the 200-450 dollars ratio will be a good bet to start.

3. Construction

best chair for programming

As we've seen, some chairs are not designed for larger or smaller people. Even though it could seem like a good bet, you should read the information carefully and see if the chair matches your size and weight.

If you don't, you might end up with a defunct chair in a matter of months, if not days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Chair for All-day Sitting?

Based on the reception that we received from our programmers, it has to be the AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair. It provides the best benefits for a prolonged time, and it's quite affordable.

2. Are Gaming Chairs Suitable for Programming?

best chair for coding

It boils down on which ones we're talking about. If you have a console gaming chair in your home, it probably won't work for programmers since they are more focused on the comfort over the health benefits that a chair should possess. Otherwise, a regular PC gaming chair can act as a chair for programmers.

3. What is the Most Comfortable Computer Chair?

If you're looking to spend big bucks, you can go for the Herman Miller Embody Chair Black Balance. The technology behind this chair simply amazes its customers and makes every session feel like sitting on a cloud.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

As we wrap up this article, it's crucial to know that programmers don't have it easy. Their job is vital for our culture, and it's no wonder that manufacturers invest a lot to construct the equipment they need to work.

If you're serious about making it as a programmer and you're willing to put in the hours, we recommend that you use the AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair

This programming chair not only has the best features, but it's also one of the customer favorites and will surely do wonders for you as well.

Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair with Padded Armrests, Adjustable Height and Tilt,...*
  • Executive office chair in Black and Silver; ideal for an office or conference room
  • Air-pressurized adjustable seat height and tilt-tension control, plus 360 degree rotation
  • Supports up to 275 pounds; certified by BIFMA, a nonprofit organization that creates voluntary standards to support safe standards for business and institutional working environments
  • Bonded leather (faux leather) upholstery; contoured padded seat, backrest, and armrests for comfort; durable caster wheels for smooth rolling mobility
  • Easy to assembly with included instructions

In conclusion, every chair on this list is a safe bet, which is why you should never let something so trivial like a chair disrupt your work. Get the best, and forget about it!

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