The Best Gaming Chair Under 200 for Ultimate Comfort

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Think about this for a moment:

Even If you're not a hardcore gamer, you spend at least six hours a day in front of your PC. That alone is enough to cause back pain and general muscle stiffness or cramps.

Now, If we add long gaming sessions and streaming into the count, we come out to 10-12 hours spent in an unnatural sitting position per day. 

At this point, you should realize that to avoid detrimental effects on your health, you need to either change your habits or acquire a comfortable, ergonomic chair.

While it is true that these items come with a shocking price tag, there are decent mid-range gaming chairs that can be of use as well.

In the following text, you can find our list of the top nine best gaming chairs under 200, composed with the help of experienced gamers, and based on reviews of users who tried them out!


Top 3 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200: Comparison Chart

Instead of rushing into our extensive reviews, check out this short overview of the three top-of-the-line recommendations first, and get familiar with prices and customer ratings!

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 On The Market: My Top 9 Recommendations 

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing - Best Gaming Chair For Under 200$

When it comes to low-budget gaming chairs, users usually don't have high hopes. However, this bestseller managed to satisfy and even surpass the gamers' expectations, despite an honestly reasonable price, with its comfort, quality, and design.

Featuring a racing style design, this gaming chair from Gtracing is available in eight different color combinations, thus being suitable for men and women, and convenient for office interior as well.

Its heavy-duty design relies on metal frame construction, thickly padded for ultimate comfort and covered in smooth PU leather, gentle on the skin, and genuinely durable.

Furthermore, it includes a five-point base with nylon smooth-rolling casters, solidly built to endure up to 300 pounds weight.

Now, the reason why this chair can compete with some of the most luxurious models on the market is the ergonomics of its design. 

Namely, it has a high, thickly padded backrest with winged shoulder support and additional head and lumbar pillow. This way, your entire body is supported as you sit, avoiding the hunched position that may cause pain in your lower back or neck.

What I also like is the adjustability. You'll be happy to see that the backrest reclines up to 170 degrees, plus the armrest is adjustable as well, which is an excellent addition for this affordable chair.

While customers are satisfied with the comfort the chair provides, they mainly complained it does not last for as long as they expected. The foam in the seating compresses after some time, making the chair less comfortable.


  • High back
  • Lumbar support
  • Ergonomic gaming chair
  • Thick padding
  • PU leather
  • Adjustable backrest and armrest


  • Foam compresses over time

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair - The Best Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

For all the lovers of high-tech appliances, we included one budget-friendly multi-purpose chair that connects to Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD, and home theater systems thanks to its impressive audio transmission system installed.

This chair was designed to provide an interactive gaming experience along with the comfort and convenience of its ergonomic design.

Therefore, it is not quite a PC gaming chair, as it does not include a mobile base, but a shallow pedestal that won't lift the chair high enough.

Now, when it comes to design, this is one compact, ergonomic gaming chair with a padded pressure releasing base, armrests, lumbar support, and head support.

The backrest tilts, and the entire chair folds for a compact, convenient storage. What is more, cleaning is quite convenient as well due to heavy-duty upholstery vinyl cover.

What makes the chair distinctive are two speakers, installed near the headrest, and a subwoofer placed on the back to create heavy bass sounds that transfer the vibration to your body, intensifying the gaming experience and creating a more realistic environment as you play. You can also plug in headphones and control the volume and bass on the side jack.

While users are satisfied with the sound, they claim the subwoofer is not entirely useful, and some consider that design could be improved to provide more comfortability.


  • Lumbar support
  • Head support
  • Foldable
  • Interactive experience
  • Versatile use


  • Not as comfortable as expected
  • Not a PC chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office - The Most Affordable Ergonomic Gaming Chair

For some gamers, even the budget-friendly offers seem too expensive, and I get it. It does seem risky to give 200 for a medium quality gaming chair that may or may not meet your demands.

That is why I found the best gaming chair you can get for under 150, reviewed by more than 12000 customers, therefore pretty reliable.

This gaming chair comes from Homall, and it features a sturdy, racing style design with 1.8mm thick steel frame and PU leather cover.

Between these two layers, we can find dense, 3.15 inches thick foam that creates comfortable seating, not easy to collapse.

Since it is orthopedically designed, this ergonomic gaming chair is honestly comfortable for sitting. It has a high, adjustable back that can be reclined up to 180 degrees. 

Furthermore, it includes winged shoulder support, and head and lumbar support cushions.

The weight capacity is excellent, it can support up to 300 pounds with ease, while the rubber casters are tested by 1000 miles rolling.

You can find this gaming chair in eight different colors, so while it does feature a racing style, an elegant all-black model can fit in your office as well.

The armrest, however, is not adjustable, so this is a minor negative aspect of design. Still, despite it, everything else is on point, so this offer is worthy of attention.


  • Metal frame
  • Lumbar support
  • High back
  • Headrest pillow
  • Thick padding
  • Pu leather


  • Not adjustable design

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair - Best Racing Style Gaming Chair With A Lifetime Warranty

What we have here is one stylish, ergonomic gaming chair that does not only look luxurious but also incorporates all the essential segments to provide the most comfortable seating during long gaming sessions.

This model comes from Respawn that has already won the trust of Amazon customers with many gaming chair models, ranked pretty high on the market.

What makes this racing style gaming chair exceptional is the segmented, contour padding that follows the natural curve of the body perfectly, providing a comfortable and natural space for you to relax in.

Furthermore, it includes lumbar support and headrest pillow, plus a retractable footrest for fine position adjustments.

When it comes to adjustments, the backrest reclines up to 155 degrees, and with it, the padded armrests pivot as well. Importantly, this is one of the rare budget models that have padded armrests.

The chair features thick padding, upholstered in bonded leather, and it has a 275 pounds weight capacity.

Furthermore, it exhibits a modern, elegant design, available in twelve different colors, so you can perfectly fit it in your interior, even as an office chair.

What customers don't like about this model is the foam quality, as it allegedly degrades after some time, making the chair uncomfortable.

However, I'd like to note that the chair comes with a lifetime warranty, so, having in mind the price it pays off.


  • High back
  • Lumbar Support
  • Retractable footrest
  • High quality
  • Headrest pillow
  • Can be used as an office chair
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Foam degrades

PC Gaming Chair Racing Office - Massage Gaming Chair

While this model has all the components as the best gaming chairs have, it also includes one useful advancement that will make your gaming time super comfortable and relaxing-it massages!

The chair has a typical gaming design- racing style seat with a high back, winged shoulders, and ergonomic construction. It includes a lumbar support cushion, neck cushion, and even a retractable footrest that adds to the chair's comfort.

Furthermore, the seat includes new, high-density sponge lined with PU leather, resistant to oil and water, therefore built to last long while being effortless to clean.

As for the functionality, the chair's backrest reclines from 90 to 155 degrees, and the height can be adjusted easily with a pneumatic control handle.

Unfortunately, the plastic armrest can not be modified, but having in mind all the great features this chair offers, it is a negligible drawback.

The strongest point of this model is the installed massager that comes with a remote. So, when the time for relaxation comes, you can recline the backrest, put up the footrest and turn on the vibrating massager to release the tension and pressure from your body.

Besides the static armrest, customers complained that while the assembly is pretty straightforward, screws that were sent did not fit well, and they could not fully assemble the chair with shipped parts.

However, If you're not unlucky enough to receive this damaged package, this chair will be a good investment.


  • Massager
  • High back
  • Lumbar support
  • Reasonable price
  • Footrest
  • Backrest reclines


  • The armrest can not be adjusted

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair - The Best Rocking Gaming Chair

Polar Aurora brings to our list another fantastic model under 150. However, despite such an affordable price, this gaming chair is well-built and upgraded to provide the most comfortable seating.

This model is available in four attractive colors, and it features the usual gaming chair design. It has a high back, winged shoulder support, lumbar pillow, headrest cushioning armrests.

While the entire chair is covered in high-quality Pu leather, on the inside, we can find thick shaping foam.

Now, the chair has an adjustable back that tilts from 90 to 160 degrees and can be locked any position in between. 

You can also modify the height of the chair, and thanks to the innovative rolling knob, you can adjust the chair to create rocking motion from 0-10 or 10-30 degrees.

While the model weighs barely 46 pounds, its sturdy design provides 300 pounds weight capacity and is extremely easy to put together. You won't need more than twenty minutes for the assembly.

What I don't like about this chair is the plastic armrest that can not be adjusted and the plastic wheels, as customers claim they easily break.

All in all, Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is a solid gaming/office chair for the price, but don't keep your expectations too high, as it won't last as long as a 400 chair would.


  • PU leather
  • Lumbar support
  • Rocking motion
  • Backrest reclines
  • Great weight capacity


  • Static armrest
  • Not the highest quality

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High Back - The Most Popular Mid-ranger

Killabee is a trendy brand among recreational gamers. While they cost under 200, these chairs feature honestly high quality that won't tear apart in months or lose its ergonomic properties due to cushion compression.

What we can see at first sight is the elegant, modern design that does not at all seem cheap, and isn't too flashy so that it can fit the office interior as well.

However, while this chair has an ergonomic construction, it slightly differs from the other models we reviewed by far. It does not imitate racing style design, but on the contrary, has slightly winged shoulders and no headrest pillow.

Under the PU leather, we can find thick but soft foam that does not compress easily and under it, a sturdy metal construction, holding everything together.

I like that this chair has an honestly functional design made for your convenience. It has a lumbar support pillow with a massager installed inside, padded armrest, retractable footrest, and tilting back that can recline up to 175 degrees.

Therefore, while this chair was made to provide ultimate comfort during gaming sessions, it was also designed for you to lie back and relax afterward, while it subtly massages your back.

The most frequent customer complaint I noticed was the lack of rocking motion, but I honestly think this is not a big deal, having in mind all the advantages this chair offers.


  • Affordable
  • Massages
  • High back
  • Lumbar support
  • Padded armrest
  • High-quality design


  • No rocking motion

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair - Extra-Spacious Flat Seat

Here is another massaging gaming chair, this time from Von Racer, built for ultimate enjoyment and comfort with its extra-spacious flat seat.

Once again, this is a race-style gaming chair with a high back, winged shoulders, lumbar and headrest pillow as well as a retractable footrest. It features a sturdy metal frame, padded with thick foam and covered in PU leather, resistant to oil and water, therefore effortless to clean.

Now, the backrest reclines up to 135 degrees, and the lumbar pillow has a USB massager, so that would be the key positive points of this chair, along with the footrest and added pillows.

When it comes to the spacious flat seat, the manufacturer wants us to believe that it is more comfortable than the regular seat, but in fact, it is not.

The flat design is not ergonomic, and won't support your bottoms and back like the ergonomic one. Furthermore, it is only comfortable for tall people, while shorter gamers won't be able to sit in the chair properly.

Also, users have many complaints about the chair's quality. After some time, everything starts to loosen up and lose its primary properties.

Therefore, if you're determined to buy an affordable, massaging chair, I recommend the former Killabee model over this Vonracer.


  • Race style design
  • Lumbar support
  • Massages
  • Reclining backrest
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for tall people


  • Flats eat
  • Not the highest quality

Furmax High-Back Gaming Office Chair Ergonomic - High-Grade Design

And last but not least, Furmax gaming chair enters our list as a high-quality model with ergonomic design and first-grade materials that won't change easily.

First of all, this premium gaming chair has a robust steel construction covered in soft but thick foam and, eventually, carbon fiber leather.

Carbon leather is UV-resistant and water-resistant; therefore, it is effortless to clean and won't fade If exposed to UV rays.

The chair has a high, reclining backrest that tilts up to 180 degrees, can be locked anywhere in between, and creates a smooth rocking motion.

Furthermore, it includes the lumbar pillow, headrest pillow, and a robust five-star base with high-quality, anti-scratch casters.

This model is available in five different colors, so you can find the right model to fit both in your room or the office. It looks very elegant, not too flashy and not at all cheap.

Now, as this chair costs less than 120, there must be a catch. The first thing I don't like is the armrest that is not adjustable and not padded even though it says so in the specifications on Amazon. Also, the customers complained the chair is a bit shaky when assembled.

However, besides that, customers had no complaints, which is fantastic for a 100 chair. So, I certainly recommend trying this one out!


  • Ergonomic
  • PU leather
  • 180 degrees reclining back
  • Lumbar and headrest pillow
  • Affordable
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Static armrests
  • A bit shaky

Buyer's Guide

I don't doubt every experienced gamer could choose the best ergonomic gaming chair with an unlimited budget. Yet the situation is not so easy when you have 200 to spend at most. 

Priorities need to be set straight so that one could still find a decent, high-quality chair without breaking the bank.

So what are the essential features you should pay attention to?

1. Ergonomics

best gaming chair under 200 pounds

If I could choose one and one feature only I would like my gaming chair to have, it would be the ergonomic design. When your chair is ergonomically built, you essentially won't need any additional pillows, cushions, or extensions.

The chair itself perfectly aligns with your body, enabling a natural posture without creating pressure points on places where it should not.

How do you know If your chair is ergonomic or not?

Well, simply said, the ergonomic chair provides support to all the points where your body creates a gap when sitting. Therefore, it should have padding in the line of the neck and lumbar part.

The seat should have the waterfall shape, and the chair should include the armrest. Now, an everlasting dispute remains whether wings serve any purpose or not.

To my mind, as gaming chairs imitate the seat design of a race car, they included this winged shoulder support that in race cars keeps the driver in place.

But, when it comes to gaming, you don't need this feature, it merely provides additional support to your body and is not necessary.

2. Adjustability

The second crucial aspect in gaming chairs you should consider is the adjustability. Yes, ergonomic design aligns with your body, but we all have different bodies.

Therefore, choose the chairs that have adjustable, reclining back, adjustable height, and adjustable armrests.

Also, high-quality gaming chairs have lumbar and headrest pillows, so you can perfectly align them with your body. Hence, I would rather choose these models than the ones with incorporated padding.

3. Materials

best gaming chair under 200 dollars

The materials your gaming chair is built to determine how long it will last. What you're going for here is the metal frame, thick layer of memory foam and leather cover.

While that is the ideal scenario, you will rarely find it for 200 and less. So the alternative would be a thick layer of high-grade foam and PU leather cover.

PU leather is the artificial leather made of remains of genuine leather and polyurethane. It does not feel as good on the skin as the genuine leather, but it is highly resistant to water, oil, and UV rays, so it is easy to clean and durable.

4. Additional Features

I believe many users are instantly attracted to a chair that has a massaging option. And, don't get me wrong, massaging chairs are incredible.

But, when you're paying less than 200 for an ergonomic gaming chair, and it has a massaging option, it is probably a compensation for something else. Before rushing into conclusions, check the essential features first.

You won't have any use of massaging option If the overall design of the chair is bad. Always put the ergonomics before the fancy additions!


1. How Much is a Gaming Chair?

best gaming chair for big guys under 200

While the best gaming chairs cost from 400 dollars to 600 dollars, you would have to spend around 200 dollars for a decent mid-ranging ergonomic chair with good quality.

2. Where to Buy the Best Gaming Chairs?

You can find gaming chairs on the original manufacturers' sites or amazon.

Final Thoughts

And that was all! We covered the entire story of gaming chair under 200 and stressed what the crucial aspects of their design are.

I hope this buyer's guide will prove useful once you decide to get one, and I'd like to once again remind you of the best model among the gaming chairs under 200. GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing is worth every dollar you spend on it. 

It has an ergonomic design with neck and lumbar support, an excellent weight capacity of 300 pounds, and high back that reclines up to 170 degrees. The armrest is adjustable as well, and the chair is made of thick foam and PU leather.

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