Its Gear Up Time: The Best Gaming Chair Under 300

The gaming experience continues to hit the world, making a mark and equally existing within all age groups.

Most gamers spend hours sitting in a chair in front of their PC, laptops, and other gadgets. Thus, a decent chair is needed to keep them comfortable and to ensure proper posture at all times.

While some worries that an ideal gaming chair can cause a large chunk of bucks, there are pretty much budget-friendly options with good ratings. These chairs are designed to support the players' needs and comfort while staying within a specific price range.

We agree that finding a good gaming chair at a reasonable price is not an easy task. So, we've done the research and listed the best gaming chair under 300.

Keep reading as we help you find your next gaming chair that will sit comfortably in your own home. 


Top 3 Gaming Chairs Under 300: A Comparison Chart

Editor's Choices
RESPAWN Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest (RAVEN-02)*
Best Feature
Strongly durable and comfortable to use
Customer's Rating
GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair Ergonomic Backrest and Seat Height...*
Best Feature
Highly versatile
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC Computer Chair with...*
Best Feature
Customer's Rating

The Gaming Chairs Under 300 Available: My Top 6 Picks

Respawn by OFM Fortnite Raven-Xi Gaming Chair - Best Value Gaming Chair

The Respawn Fortnite Raven-Xi is a race car-style gaming chair that offers both luxury and comfort. Its design is highly suitable for long workdays, intense gaming sessions, and becoming a gaming legend.

This ergonomic chair is armed with comfort as it features a high back with segmented padding. It comes with an integrated headrest and extendable footrest that allows you to relax, kick back, and continue with the game.

For base support, the chair offers an optimal position with infinite locking and reclining angles of 90-155 degrees. Its full 360-degrees swivel rotation allows dynamic movements during game time.

Also, the soft padded armrests serve as the comfort arsenal, which also pivots with the chair as it reclines.

To add up with the experience, the Respawn Fortnite Raven-Xi comes with accents that let you rep your favorite outfit with an amazing logo embossed in the headrest. Its stain-resistant material covers the chair to ensure long-wearing and extended use.

Overall, this gaming chair offers durability and comfort. As a bonus, its manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for an awesome gaming experience in every match. 


  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly ergonomic design


  • Lack of armrest adjustability

GTracing GT099 Gaming Chair - Best Chair for Gaming and Working

The GTracing GT099 is a gaming chair designed to improve every player's experience. While it is amongst the most low budget chairs, its quality still ensures comfort, efficiency, and versatility.

At its maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, this ergonomically designed chair comes with a strong metal frame to promote a comfortable seating position. This ensures comfort even after long hours of game or work.

Its multi-functional feature comes with an adjustable armrest and seat-height. The thick padded back and seat give another level of comfort.

Also, the 90-170 degrees reclining and rocking mechanism, 360-degree swivel, and five-point base enable gamers to enjoy while maintaining correct posture.

Moreover, this chair comes with nylon smooth-rolling casters for stability and mobility, as well as removable lumbar and headrest pillows for added comfort and support.

The chair's high-quality material uses smooth PU leather and added seat cushion for more comfort and durability.

Truly, GTracing GT099 is an ideal chair not only for gaming but also for working and studying. This makes your space more elegant and modern while ensuring comfort and protection. 


  • Removable lumbar support and headrest pillow
  • Reclining and 360-degree swivel
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • A bit tricky to assemble

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair - Most Budget-Friendly Gaming Chair

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is known to deliver comfort, style, and health as it pairs all these amazing factors into one. It is extremely stylish and comfortable to use, adding extra protection and elegance.

This high back chair is covered with breathable leather and freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow to ensure the protection of the spine and neck. It comes with a 360-degree swivel rotation with the finest mute rolling wheels to prevent floor scratching.

Being a heavy-duty chair, its construction is made using an integrated metal frame and explosion-proof gas spring that follows the international standards.

This makes it more suitable for various activities such as playing computer games, office working and even resting.

Moreover, the easy lock-tilt adjustment mechanism of the chair comes with a recline angle adjuster. This helps relieve the feeling of tiredness and pressure, especially during long hours of gaming or working.

To top it all, Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair offers a load capacity of 300 pounds and adjustable mechanisms and parts to ensure proper support and protection. 


  • Freely adjustable height and lumbar support
  • Curved back with headrest
  • Free trial and free replacement


  • Swiveling may be a bit hard

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Gaming Chair - Best Audio Gaming Chair

The X Rocker is more than just a perfect place to sit while playing games. This gaming chair also comes with special and hi-tech media features for a complete experience.

It incorporates two forward-facing speakers, audio force modulation technology, and four ported power subwoofers for a full immersion in the game, music, or movie.

This also comes with additional vibration motors, Pro Series H3, which sync the audio bass tones to create a more powerful full-body sensation.

Moreover, the built-in radio wireless receiver and transmitter of this gaming chair can be used with any device with RCA stereo outputs. Plus, it comes with RCA cables for wired stereo output connections.

As an all-purpose pedestal gaming chair, the X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is a leather lounging chair compatible with multiple gaming systems such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Its control panel comes with bass and volume controls and input and output jacks for multiple chair connections.

Overall this ideal chair is a combination of technology and comfort. Its state-of-the-art system works perfectly with the structural support for better gaming.


  • Built-in sound system and vibration motors
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Foldable


  • Weak armrests

Karnox BK Gaming Chair - Best Leather Gaming Chair

The Karnox BK is equipped with comfort and durability as it is made with high-quality material and ergonomically designed construction. Its use ensures not only beauty but also the best application in life.

As its standard configuration, its cover is made with PU leather and suede fabric for a more skin-friendly and wear-resistant feature. The internal frame material is a 1.8mm thick metal steel to ensure more stability and sturdiness. 

Its high density and anti-oxidation-shaping foam promote increased elasticity, resilience, and service life.

For an upgrade, this gaming chair uses a Class-4 gas lift, which can reliably support up to 250 pounds. Its ergonomic design makes the chair more comfortable and more efficient even for gamers with larger body types.

To top it all, Karnox BK comes with fully adjustable 2D armrests that can freely move in various directions.

It's nylon caster wheels are made of heavy-duty materials to provide better stability on all surfaces while effortlessly changing positions.

Overall, this gaming chair is guaranteed to be of high-quality construction, giving users more quality and enjoyable time while playing their favorite games. 


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Heavy-duty wheels 
  • Skin-friendly construction


  • Higher price compared to other models

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair - Best Massage Gaming Chair

The Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair helps you relax your body while having the best time playing your favorite games. It is not only suitable for your gaming experience but also office work and relaxation.

This gaming chair can perfectly fit your style as it offers adjustable features such as tilting, rocking, or swiveling. Its design allows a 180-degree full tilt. 

The adjustable armrest, retractable footrest, and large seat cushion of the chair ensure comfort and protection.

As a bonus, the chair has a USB powered lumbar massage pillow and a complimentary neck pillow.

It's fade, and dirt resistant properties are due to the premium quality PU leather material. This is combined with a 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam.

It is built to last as it comes with a complete metal framework and heavy-duty wheelbase. In fact, it uses a Class 4 hydraulic piston, which allows the chair to hold up to 300 pounds maximum capacity.

Overall, Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is more than just a gaming chair. The manufacturer even offers a one-year warranty on replacement parts to ensure the satisfaction of its users. 


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Thick seat cushion
  • Adjustable and comfortable seating


  • Hard to assemble

Gaming Chair Under 300: Buying Guide

best gaming chair under 300 dollars

Hours of playing your favorite games on a regular chair will cause aches and pain in no time. That's why most gamers opt to have a proper gaming chair that will support their needs even with lengthy gaming sessions. 

1. Why do You Need a Special Gaming Chair?

Some of the pros of having a gaming chair, especially when you spend hours playing your favorite games were as follows:

  • Boosts proper posture and position due to its adjustable features
  • Encourages relaxation even when doing other tasks 
  • Promotes versatility of use for various activities
  • Saves you money in the long run

2. How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

best gaming chair for under 300

Before deciding what gaming chair to buy, consider looking into these features to ensure getting the perfect chair for your personal needs.

  • Backrest Height
    Backrest height gives the back, neck, and shoulder support you need for your gaming sessions. While a normal office chair offers a sitting space, it will have you slouching over, causing pains, especially when used daily.
    The higher backrest of the gaming chair is ergonomically designed to mold the shape of your back and keep you in an upright position at all times. This will prevent the back from curving forward, thus improving posture and preventing awkward back curves.
    At first, gaming chairs may seem to be a bit challenging to sit in as you may already suffer from improper posture. As soon as you sit down, they correct the shape of your spine and reduce any gaming-related health issues that developed while using a short-backed chair. 
  • Seat Dimensions
    The seat width should comfortably fit the size of your bottom and thighs. If the width is too tight, you'll find it hard to sit on the chair for any length of time, as you'll get squished between the arms or wings on the sides of the chair.
    Also, the length of the seat should be checked based on the user's size or height. Short people tend to fit on a chair of almost any length, given that they can still bend their knees, but taller people require more room or feel like they are sitting on the edge of the chair. 
  • Height Adjustment
    Height adjustment is usually located beneath the seat. It is used to higher or lower the chair depending on the leg's length and the desk's height. The higher the range of the height adjustment, then the easier it is to fit your preference.
    Check the mechanism of the height adjustment. It should have a simple switch for easy and quick adjustments to the preferred height. This should also offer smooth transitions without any squeaks or rough places that can cause adjustment problems. 
  • Upholstery Material
    Gaming chairs come in various materials. Check for the durability of the fabric used in covering the chair. PU leather is a common option that can resist fading and tearing. It looks great for a long time and offers an easy to clean feature.
    Some chairs use a mix of materials such as PU leather as the main cover and suede on the back and seat portion. This combination makes it a bit softer and more comfortable, especially against the skin. 
  • Capacity
    Since gamers vary in weight, it is important to find a chair built for your specific size. Standard chairs usually support weight ranging from 240 to 30 pounds. They are made from durable materials with stronger frames to support the extra weight.
    Heavy-duty chairs are built with one-piece steel and durable bases to ensure durability. These chairs offer a maximum weight limit of up to 450 pounds. 
  • Reclining Mechanism
    To ensure maximum comfort for every activity, a reclining feature can support your needs while maintaining proper posture. Choose and set the perfect recline from an upright position to a reclining range of suitable angles when gaming, watching, reading, or taking a nap.
  • Other Features
      - The armrest should be adjustable.
      - Gas-lift function to easily adjust the height of the chair.
      - Chairs with caster wheels on the bottom allow you to move them wherever you need it.
      - The design of the chairs varies, making them look cool and feel more like playing the game.
      - Massage function to help relieve sore back muscles.

3. How to Maintain a Gaming Chair?

best pc gaming chair under 300

Even if the gaming chair doesn't cost you a fortune, you still want to keep it clean, neat, and perfectly working.

  • Avoid eating in the chair to prevent spillages and soiling.
  • Dust chair regularly with a brush or soft cloth. 
  • Deep clean the chair using recommended cleaning products, especially when stains are formed. 
  • Remove any clumps by flipping the chair over and vacuuming the casters regularly.
  • Do not exceed the weight capacity of the chair to prevent any damage.
  • Use a chair cover to prevent wear and tear of the fabric. 

Final Thoughts

Gamers love to have the right equipment for their gaming sessions. One of which is a proper chair to maintain proper posture and to keep them comfortable.

Among the best gaming chair under 300, Respawn by OFM Fortnite Raven-Xi Gaming Chair is our top choice. 

This race car-style chair offers luxury and comfort due to its ergonomic design and base support. It's features let you play and relax while immersing yourself in intense gaming sessions and even long workdays.

RESPAWN Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest (RAVEN-02)*
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