Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? Find out That And More

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Professional streamers swear by the gaming chairs. Of course, they have a whole lot of money to spend on gaming equipment, so the items they consider a necessity can be a pure luxury to the average gamer.

However, we can all agree that long sitting sessions can honestly backfire on our health, especially back and muscles, so, unless we decide to change our habits, we should invest in a proper chair.

In this article, we will finally answer are gaming chairs worth it or if some cheaper alternatives serve the purpose just as well. 

Keep reading and find out!


Gaming Chairs Price Range

are gaming chairs worth the money

There are various brands of gaming chairs in the current market with a wide range of prices. Since the quality determines the price, we wondered what the most affordable offer one can get for a decent gaming chair of high quality is?

While professional gaming chairs cost from $400 to infinity, more affordable models can be found for 150-$200.

However, $200 is the bottom limit for an affordable, decent gaming chair, since everything under the price probably won't last long, or will change the quality over time.

Now, an everlasting controversy with gaming equipment remains whether these items have ridiculously high prices just for their fancy design, or some crucially advanced segments differentiate them from professional office equipment.

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs

are racing gaming chairs worth it

The reason people buy ergonomic chairs is the comfort they provide and shape that follows the natural curve of the body, preventing the back pain.

When it comes to the question of comfort solely, Ergohuman office chairs are the indisputable winner of the market. They offer full-body support, adjustable design, breathability, and long time use.

As their design has continuously been improving with the help of physicians over the years, they are also the most expensive choice there is at the lowest price of 600$.

Now, let's talk about gaming chairs. Starting from the shell, we can notice they feature a race car seat design that seems very attractive and comfortable. But contrary to popular belief, such design has more to it than mere aesthetics.

Design ergonomics hides in the tall backrest, lumbar, and head pillows, adjustable armrests, padded seats, and winged shoulder support. What is more, the armrest and backrest are fully adjustable and can recline even to 180 degrees.

On the other hand, ergonomic office chairs have almost the same qualities as the unique gaming chairs. You can find them with high, adjustable backrest, armrest, lumbar, and head support. 

However, they do not have winger shoulder support and don't have adjustable armrests. Furthermore, their outlook is not even closely fun and attractive as the gamer chairs' is.

So, judging by design, one would say that office chairs, and gamer chairs don't differ much. While office chairs offer a broader palette of the materials to choose from, gamer chairs have shoulder support and more adjustable design.

However, it is untrue that office chairs are more affordable choices. To get one with the features above, you will pay just as much as for the gaming chair.

Also, cheaper office chairs are not genuinely ergonomic; they have medium backrests, no lumbar support, no neck support, and hardly adjustable design. Therefore you might buy what seems more attractive to you. 

Are Ergonomic Chairs Really Worth it?

are gaming chairs really worth it

Whether you'll buy a professional gaming chair or ergonomic office chair is entirely your choice. But, you should definitely get one of them!

Basic office chairs or PC chairs do not offer the support your body needs for prolonged session sitting.

When you work on your computer, you tend to lean forward as you become tired without thinking about your posture and moving away from your backrest. 

Moreover, the seats on basic chairs are made of thin foam that tends to compress under pressure of your body, leaving you on a very uncomfortable, hard surface.

You might think a sitting cushion will solve this problem, but it won't. The upper part of your body will still remain unsupported, leading to unhealthy posture, back, and lumbar pain, or even more severe back issues such as scoliosis. 

Ergonomic gaming chairs are made of high-density memory foam that offers a soft, comfortable seat that does not compress irreversibly but retains the same quality over the years.

The backrest is designed to perfectly follow the spine's natural curve, while the neck and lumbar support add to the comfortability.

After you've played the games for some time, you start leaning forward, but with a gaming chair, the adjustable backrest follows you, offering proper back support. If you wish to lean backward, you also can.

Holding your gamepad for a while can affect your wrists, would you agree? Adjustable armrest allows you to tilt the support at whatever angle suits you while adjusting the height as well.

Additionally, some advanced models even have the legs support, proving thus more comfortable and healthier than many beds on the market.

Now, the crucial reason you should buy a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair is the durability. These items honestly last long and do not wear off quickly. High-quality models come with a lifetime warranty, so you are fully backed up.

When it comes to the more budget-friendly offers, a year or two-year warranty is the best you can get, but it's still something.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, every person who spends more than five hours in front of a computer should consider buying an ergonomic chair. When it comes to devoted gamers, this item is a necessity.

While there is no crucial difference between a gaming chair and an ergonomic office chair, you might as well enjoy the full comfort of all the accessories you get with the gaming model, as you will pay a similar price for an office counterpart. So are gaming chairs worth it?

My final advice is to stop hesitating and get one gaming chair, as they are definitely worth it!

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