The Best Gaming Chair for PS4 – Top 8 List

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We've all spent countless hours at one point in life playing video games non-stop. It's fun, addicting, and with friends, it's an immersive experience that you'll never forget.

However, the constant pressure of sitting in a hunched position stresses out the spine, legs, and neck, thus causing you to reevaluate how you spend your free time.

Still, that's not a reason to give up on gaming altogether. There's a line where you can balance out gaming and healthy posture if you have the best gaming chair for PS4 currently on the market.

All the professional gaming chairs are suitable for various consoles, including PS4 and excluding PC gaming.

Anyways, the task of locating the best ones is not easy, but we've done it for you. Take a look at our article and find the crucial tool for video gaming that'll make the experience unforgettable!


Top 3 Picks

Before you jump into the world of PES, NBA, and various fighting games, have a quick look at our recommendations!

The Ultimate Experience - Top 8 Gaming Chairs for PS4 and Xbox One

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Gaming Chair - Quality

If you're looking for something to make your console gaming experience immersive and solve all your problems that stem from hours of gaming - search no more. The X Rocker Pro Series H3 Gaming Chair is the ultimate chair for gamers!

With an elegant and ergonomic design, this gaming chair can be used for a variety of things, ranging from gaming, watching TV, and listening to music to relaxing and reading a book.

Unlike any other X Rocker product so far, this chair incorporates four speakers and a subwoofer that create a vivid experience so far unseen.

The sheer design takes the stress from your back and offers an ultimate lumbar and neck support. Hours of gaming with this chair will feel like minutes once you fully delve deeper into the world of comfort.

The Pro H3 series' emblem is the audio immersion. This gaming chair consists of vibration motors that sync with the bass coming from the audio to create a full sound immersion effect.

Since this is primarily a console gaming chair, you don't have to use it only for PS4 because it's compatible with Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, and other gaming systems popular nowadays.

Also, if you have other X Rocker chairs lying around, you can connect them with input and output audio jacks to create a wholesome environment for you and your friends.

In conclusion, investing in this chair will be the best purchase in your life since it is deemed as the best chair for console gaming in the market!


  • Four speakers and a subwoofer
  • X Rocker audio connectivity
  • Pro H3'S audio immersion
  • Compatibility
  • Back support
  • Best console gaming chair


  • /

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair - High-Tech Gaming Chairs

Moving on, we have another product from X Rocker, and this one's all about the technological advancements in the design. Take a look at our runner-up, the X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair.

Pro Series' younger brother may seem a bit disappointing in comparison, but that's no way to treat a brother since he has a lot to offer.

This chair for PS4 gaming has a wireless audio transmission, and with the two speakers and a subwoofer that constantly barrages you with heavy sounds, any game you'll play will be brought up to another level.

With a headphone jack on the side, you'll be able to adjust the tone, volume, and bass on your headphones without having to get up for the remote to up the volume on the TV.

Like its older brother, it also connects to all the popular gaming systems right now. However, it glitches out when you try to connect it directly to PS4 or Xbox One due to their reliability to HDMI connections. You can quickly solve this problem by purchasing an RCA adapter, and it'll work like a charm.

When it comes to comfort, it has a black leather surface and offers terrific back support, thus relieving you from all the troubles of constant gaming pains.

With its fantastic ergonomic design, this chair has fought its way through many gaming chairs to earn the title of one of the best gaming chairs for PS4.

All in all, if you're looking for something less expensive than the previous product, but high in quality, we recommend this X Rocker chair because it creates a gaming experience you'll never forget!


  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless audio transmission
  • Side headphone jack
  • Sound immersion


  • Connectivity with PS4 glitches out

Fortnite OMEGA-R Gaming Rocker Chair - Budget Version

The entire PS4 gaming set can be quite expensive, ranging from the console itself, headphones, a good TV, controllers, to the PS4 gaming chairs.

That's why some might not be thrilled with the idea of investing a lot of money into a chair, which is why we present to you the Fortnite OMEGA-R Gaming Rocker Chair.

Respawn's gaming chair that's sponsored by Fortnite, a popular video game, is so much more than a chair.

Even though PC gaming is the core of Fortnite competitive plays, this chair is suitable for all types of console gaming since the ergonomic design allows you to sit for multiple hours without needing to get up and stretch your legs.

This rocker chair excels in extreme comfort with its high back with added segmented padding and cushions that support your head and neck.

Also, this chair features a tilt adjustment with 118 degrees recline. The lumbar and back support you'll get from sitting on this chair is unbelievable.

The pedestal base is constructed in a way that allows you to rotate in a 360-degree angle, thus allowing for more maneuverability and room for consistent gaming.

The best part of it all is that it's much cheaper in comparison to other exclusive gaming chairs for PS4, Xbox, and other consoles. You'll solve all your financial troubles by investing in this gaming chair.

However, with the low price comes slightly lower quality. The material used to construct the cushions is not that good in terms of making the touch of the construction and the base of the chair. All in all, it's a fantastic price for the product.


  • Console and PC gaming
  • Maneuverability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fortnite inspired model
  • Price


  • Material
  • Extended comfort

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Padded Gaming Chair - Comfort

Next up is a product that serves to show that not only chairs that are branded as "gaming chairs" are excellent for gaming, per se. We give you the BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Padded Gaming Chair.

By looking at it, you may not see a gaming chair for PS4, and the truth is that it's not because it's so much more. Initially designed for a comfortable experience, this chair transcended its universal use and became a chair for gaming that all hardcore gamers love and adore.

The high-quality memory foam and soft fabric allow you to sit in this chair for hours at a time without feeling the stress on your neck and lumbar region. Your back will thank you for getting the ultimate gaming chair.

As we've said, you can use this chair for more than just PS4 gaming - you can read, relax, and even lay the back of the chair and use it as a bad for an occasional nap.

As a console gamer, you'll feel the urge to knock back and relax since the wireless controllers work from a distance, and you don't need to be in an upright position all the time - this is when this chair pops into the conversation!

Also, if you feel like this chair takes up a lot of space in your room, you can easily store it by laying the chair entirely and safely put it aside.

However, some customers have noted that the neck support is not often that well depending on your height.

Also, if you're a hardcore gamer, you'll probably want to get a chair with more features that completely engage you in the world of gaming. Aside from this, it's as good as it gets!


  • Comfort
  • High-quality materials
  • Safe storage


  • Lack of features
  • Neck support

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair - Feet Protection

The most important thing to remember during gaming is that an extended period of sitting can make an adverse impact on your health, which is why you should remember to get up once in a while and stretch your legs during long sessions. However, if you forget, the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is there for the rescue.

If you're looking for a PS4 gaming chair that can accommodate you not just for gaming, but a casual relaxation after work, this is the gaming chair for you.

You can use this recliner in three forms - from 90 to 180-degree angles - and it'll fit you for gaming, reading, or watching TV.

The feet protection is the number one feature of this product. It has four sturdy legs that support the entire base and construction with non-marking pads.

It simultaneously protects both the gaming chair and the floor from scraping and damage.

The entire size of this gaming chair is suitable for gaming in terms of long hours, the size of the person that's sitting in it, and the overall comfort.

Additional pockets on the side are included to help you store remotes, controllers, and TV guides. Plus, the price is astonishing!

Still, the material used to create this gaming chair is not that valuable. Again, if it's PS4 gaming you're into, this brand of gaming chair will create an unforgettable experience.


  • Comfort
  • Feet protection
  • Pockets on the side
  • Affordability


  • Material

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair - Easy Storage

The authentic gaming experience is what separates hardcore gamers from the amateurs, and being able to immerse yourself into the virtual world helps make you a fierce competitor.

That's why you should invest in the tools to help create that environment, such as the Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair.

Similar to the previous product, it may not look like an actual gaming chair, but it has all the characteristics that make it one. Since PS4 gaming requires a lot of attention, it's important not to lose your focus, especially when you need to get something that's not in your reach.

The swivel base of this gaming chair helps you reach for anything in your surroundings since it has a 360-degree swivel base that most of the classic gaming chairs don't have. 

Also, you can remove the support when you want to clean it, which saves you from the trouble of picking up an enormous chair and flipping it just to clean it.

Furthermore, the construction of this gaming chair is top-notch. It can support a lot of weight thanks to its powerful springs, but it's also quite comfortable thanks to the soft sponge.

Most importantly, this brand of gaming chairs is fully foldable, meaning that you can cut its size in half and store it anywhere in your house, and it won't take up much of your room.

Still, the size of the upper part may not be suitable for taller people because of neck support. Nevertheless, if you plan on getting this for your kids, PS4 gaming will be the highlight of their day!


  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Comfort
  • Removable base
  • Fully foldable


  • Not suitable for taller people

Best Choice Products 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Chair - Multifunctional Armrests

Moving on, we have another budget pick for you. Take a look at the 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Chair, a product that'll make you forget you're not in the virtual world.

Playing popular video games such as NBA, PES, and other competitive multiplayer platforms will inevitably put you in the zone.

Once you're fully engaged, any lack of attention may be the cause of defeat, which is why this gaming chair has full rotation, allowing you to reach for anything in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to construction, it features a steel frame, a removable cover, and firm armrests, and yet soft. You can also use the armrests as handlebars for transportation.

Still, their primary use is to keep your arms stress-free from holding the controller for too long.

The back can be folded into one compact chair for secure storage, which is undoubtedly a bonus considering these chairs are quite large.

But, bear in mind that this gaming chair, in particular, is quite lightweight, weighing approximately 17 pounds.

Remember that because they're lightweight, it's not a smart idea for a heavier person to sit on it for an extended period because the cushion will sink in. Still, it's an excellent investment for the money since it's so affordable!


  • Multifunctional armrests
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable
  • Compact


  • Low-quality cushion

JUMMICO Gaming Recliner Chair Leather Single Recliner Sofa - Adjustable Footrest

For the final product on the list of the best gaming chair for playing PS4, we present to you the JUMMICO Gaming Recliner Chair Leather Single Recliner Sofa.

Unlike most of the gaming chairs that we've reviewed, this product features a footrest that can be adjusted to a preferred height for a prolonged rest.

After a long day of working, you can rest playing your favorite video games on PS4 with your legs in an upright position, thus alleviating all your stress.

Because of the size of this chair, you can place it in any room of your house - whether it's the living room or the master bedroom.

Also, its application extends PS4 gaming; you can use it to read a book, watch a movie on TV, or even for an afternoon nap.

The plastic legs won't make a dent to your floor, and if you have a carpet, it won't wear off in time for friction. The leather is of high-quality, meaning that sweat won't be a problem after hours of sitting down.

Still, bear in mind that it's designed for children as it will not fit an average-size adult. If you're looking to purchase it as a gift for your children, it's a fantastic fit.

Moreover, the price is fantastic. If you compare it to some other gaming chairs on the market, you'll see that it's undoubtedly worth the trouble!


  • Comfort
  • Multi-application
  • Footrest
  • Plastic legs


  • Not suitable for average-size adults

Looking For The Perfect Fit - Buyer's Guide

best gaming chair for ps4 2020

The best gaming chair for Xbox One, PS4, and any other console is a bit hard to find since you have to delve into the sea of quality chairs that resemble each other.

Still, you can pay attention to some of the characteristics that help you distinguish the supreme, and that is where we come to the rescue. Take a quick look at these features that we've singled out for you, and hopefully, you'll make a final decision.

1. Audio System

All the professional gamers will tell you that to master a video game, you have to learn the game inside and out, including the sound effects that go with the game.

Learning and recognizing each sound helps you locate enemies in combat games, and that is where the PS4 gaming chairs come to the rescue.

They have multiple speakers inserted into all sides of the interior that create a surround system, plus a subwoofer that gives it a bass note.

Not only does it help with the gaming itself, but the audio creates an immersive environment that creates an everlasting memory.

2. Console Compatibility

top gaming chair for ps4

If you're already investing in a quality, high-tech chair, make sure to check if it's compatible with all the current consoles for video games.

Even if you're buying it solely for PS4 gaming, you might want to change your mode of gaming in the future and later regret it if you didn't get a chair that supports Xbox or Nintendo.

3. Comfort

Next to audio, comfort is your most significant concern. Bear in mind that you'll be spending many hours sitting down and enjoying your favorite games, and that can create enormous stress on your back, neck, and lumbar region.

Try to narrow down your search to the chairs that have adequate arm and leg rest, suitable padded material for the cushions, and a sturdy base to support your entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Gaming Chair for Xbox and PS4?

Undoubtedly, it's the X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Gaming Chair. The X Rocker has long been a leading manufacturer in this world, and this product is the ultimate one so far. 

It has all the features that make a product premium, and the comfort will allow you to play non-stop.

2. Are Floor Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

best wireless gaming chair for ps4

It depends on the chair. In general, they are comfortable since they put your body in a position that alleviates the stress from your spine and back. Ultimately, it depends on the craftsmanship behind the product itself.

3. How Do I Connect My Gaming Chair to My PS4?

In most cases, you'll get a wireless transmitter that you'll connect to your TV. It transmits the signal back to your chair via audio inputs that are carried through standard 3.5 mm jacks. Turn on the chair and the transmitter, the audio will be there, and you're good to go!

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

In order to become a pro gamer, you'll need to hone your skills and practice each day. That requires patience, long hours, and hard work.

The tool that'll help you get is the best gaming chair for PS4, which is undoubtedly the X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair.

If you're looking for a brand of gaming chairs that support your back, give you the feeling of wholesome experience, and ultimate comfort in the process, you won't regret the X Rocker series.​

The audio creates a different dimension from the one in the real world and allows you to be completely immersed.

X Rocker Pro Series H3 XL Video Gaming Floor Chair with Armrests, Built-In Audio & Vibration via...*
  • BUILT-IN SOUND SYSTEM | 4 headrest mounted speakers and a huge 4” backrest subwoofer creates maximum, high-quality surround sound audio for an immersive experience with no noticeable latency
  • SOUND-REACTIVE VIBRATION | Haptic feedback puts you in the action of your favorite games, movies and music with impactful vibration motors that react to audio impulses
  • MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY | Connects via wireless bluetooth to all of your favorite gaming consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch), TVs, PC Computers, and smart...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT & DURABILITY | Durable padded vegan leather back and headrest for ergonomic neck support are designed to withstand hours of high-performance gaming. Unique floor rocker design for...
  • FOLDS DOWN | Space saving design comes fully assembled, and when not in play, the back folds onto the padded seat to easily carry and store. Open dimensions 35" x 24" x 34"

The X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair does not disappoint as well.

This is the one brand of gaming chairs that you've been looking for your entire life. If you're sick of always wasting money on low-quality chairs, it's time for a fresh start.

X Rocker SE Pro Bluetooth Pedestal Chair - Video Gaming Lounging Chair with Immersive Audio with 2...*
  • Comfortable Chair with Lumbar Support: Ergonomic design offers support for your neck and lumbar region, so you can game or watch movies without discomfort
  • 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers: Feel the action come to life with the speakers and backrest-mounted subwoofer; control volume, bass, and more with the side control panel
  • Versatile Chair Usage: Stylish gaming chair perfect for living rooms, game rooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, or wherever you game
  • Console & Device Compatability: Compatible with almost all gaming consoles using a wired connection to the device or controller; Bluetooth connection for phones and smart devices
  • By Gamers, For Gamers: X Rocker makes gaming accessible with innovative furniture that enhances the gameplay experience for the whole family

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