Best Gaming Chair under 100 That Will Blow Your Mind

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Are you a professional game player? Do you spend much of your time in front of a computer, chatting with your friends, conceiving a new strategy on how to win? You do? Excellent! We have something special for you.

Our offer is the best gaming chairs under 100 that you can currently find on the market. As you spend much of your time playing computer games with your friends, your neck or spine might hurt.

But we are here to help you. Our choice consists of various budget-friendly products which will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Thus, you can spend as much time as you want to enjoy your favorite games!

Don't waste your time; hurry up, pick your best option, and play all day!


Top 3 Gaming Chairs under $100: Comparison Chart

Best Gaming Chair Under $100 Reviews for 2020

bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair - Maximum Comfort

We adore our best PC gaming chair under 100! Why is that so?

Well, it is the most comfortable chair with the perfect and adjustable back support so that you can take whatever position you want, your body and spine won't hurt you. You'll feel relaxed even if you sit on the floor because you can use our budget gaming chair for sitting on the floor.

The material our tranquil lounge consists of is foam; hence it provides firmness and maximum durability to last for an extended period.

Since you can use it as a floor cushion, it can serve you for reading, napping, watching TV, playing games, etc. As you can see, this gaming chair is a multifunctional one!

Furthermore, our gaming chair adjusts to five different positions, thanks to its adjusting angles. Each offers maximum comfort to your neck, body, and spine. Therefore, you won't have to wiggle to find the right position. With this gaming chair, you can sit as you like.

Concerning installation, it is straightforward, so you won't need more than a few seconds to install it and place it wherever you want. The storage place it needs is tiny and space-saving. Thus, you can store it under the bed, for example.

When we talk about the cleaning, our gaming chair also contains high quality and durable cover, which you can effortlessly use with a damp cloth, water, and sponge; you won't spend much of your energy or doing so. Besides, you can use it as an outdoor chair as well.

Finally, the design is excellent, and the gaming chair comes in two colors - grey and blue. This way, you can decorate your PC room or any other room in your home interior since the colors will match all the furniture.

The proportions measure 25 x 17 x 16.7 inches, and the maximum weight capacity is 264 lbs. Thus, everyone can use it without any problems.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Excellent backrest


  • Minor design flaws

Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Chair Swivel Computer Gamer Chair with Fully Foam - Powerful Sturdiness

The next best gaming chair for under 100 is this beauty. It has won our hearts since the design consists of the high-density sponge cushion, hard-wearing and highly breathable soft foam back support, SGS-certified gas cylinder, solid rolling casters, and durable starbase.

The BIFMA X5.1 tests have shown the maximum weight capacity of 352 lbs to use it. As you might observe, it contains a sturdy and reliable heavy-duty construction.

Our gaming chair is multifunctional since the pneumatic controls will let you raise or lower your seat and high back, or rock back if you want. When you pull out the control handle, our racing style gaming chair allows you to sit forward, recline back and reduce the back pain, or tilt upright. 

The PU thick padding provides excellent mobility for floors, carpet, and more, while it moves silently without leaving any scratches on the floor.

Moreover, the ergonomic design curves up perfectly with the human body line and the spine curve support. The adjustable height and the lumbar support system resemble a pair of hands, holding and pushing your body up or down. Thus, it helps reduce blood pressure and muscle fatigue.

The dimensions are excellent as well - 20.4 x 20.47 x 20.51 inches, and everyone can enjoy spending time in this beautiful ergonomic gaming chair.

So, why waste your time? Pick our best gaming chairs under 100, and let your adventure begin!


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent support
  • Comfortable


  • Minor flaws concerning comfort areas

Office Chair PC Gaming Chair Desk Chair Ergonomic PU Leather Executive Computer Chair - Fantastic Durability

Next off, we have come to our best gaming chair on a budget! Our PU leather long time gaming chair under 100 is wider than the average desk chairs and contains the back support's adjustable height.

As the locking mechanism keeps the back upright, relieves and reduces the pain and stress brought by regular office chairs. Thus, you can use this one as an office chair as well.

The ergonomic design that our gaming chair under 100 contains provides full mobility, no matter whether you're playing games, working on the computer, or holding a board meeting in the office. As you can use it as an office chair, you'll find it multifunctional!

Moreover, the gaming chair under 100 contains the BIFMA Certificate, which shows the best reliability, durability, and sturdiness. Being so special and unique, it provides a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. Therefore, all players, workers, children as well can enjoy this amazing gaming chair under 100.

The installation is effortless and straightforward, as you might find. The package contains all the hardware, tools, and necessary elements. Hence, the gaming chairs under 100 with excellent support come pre-ready for assembly.

You'll get an instruction manual with the step-by-step process so that you can install it effortlessly within ten to fifteen minutes only! Wow, the installation has never been better, you'll agree with us!

We must tell you that if you have any problems concerning our gaming chairs under 100, you can contact customer service for any kind of help. Moreover, the producer provides 90 days of money refund or replacements and the warranty period.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent support
  • Straightforward installation


  • Thin legs

KaiMeng Office Gaming Chair Leather Computer Chair - Remarkable Strength

Another product from the list is this remarkable gaming chair for cheap. We love it because it contains a solid, sturdy, and reliable construction. We have to tell you at the beginning - it will last for a long time since it is robust and durable.

Namely, it contains both a reliable and permanent gas lift. Hence, it won't break or harm easily, and it cannot damage from using it.

Furthermore, these gaming chairs under 100 contain a five-star base with 360 degree of mute swivel wheels, which are running smoothly and softly; therefore, they protect your floor from scratches or any other damage.

Moreover, the ergonomic gaming chair provides the most comfortable design and user-friendly materials adjustable to your neck and spine.

The high back, support parts, and thick padding armrest provide a comfortable experience for your gaming, study, or working hours.

Hence, you will find our gaming chair reliable and suitable for your body, neck, spine, and hands. You'll feel relaxed whenever you use it, and it will serve you best for that matter.

Besides the unique and modern design, the stylish and high-quality PU leather offers a perfect choice for your life and gaming style, providing a soft, user-friendly, and comfortable touch.

The adjustable height goes from 13.5 to 16.5 inches, with the maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs. As you might find, these leather chairs offer various spans from children to adults and even the older population. Everyone will adore our PU leather gaming chair!

Finally, the customer service will solve all your questions and problems regarding the PC gaming chairs under 100 since they work 24/7.


  • Comfortable
  • A tremendous high back support
  • Budget gaming chair
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not clear instructions

FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker - Cushioned Ground Chair - Perfect for Kids

Next off, we present to you our cheapest gaming chair in the line! This beautiful gaming chair is a perfect option if you want to redecorate the playing room for your children and the living room, game room, or classroom. However, we must tell you that it is not intended for adults to use.

Moreover, the ergonomic gaming chair seat offers maximum comfort for any sitting position your kid might take.

Thus, you won't have to worry whether their body will hurt since the chair with 180 degrees adjustable height and support will adjust to any position your child might take.

The design is also worth mentioning, being a lightweight and stylish one. Consisting of various color combinations, your children will find it easy to transform it from a gaming chair to a working one, a sort of office chair if they like to play those kinds of games. Our high back gaming chairs can adjust to various conditions, in general.

Concerning cleaning art, it is exceptionally to clean our gaming chair as you can use a mild soap-and-water resolution. The reason for this is colorful and soft PU leather, which is easy to maintain and very durable. Therefore, the water cannot destroy and harm it.

Besides, our budget gaming chair has proven to be a green guard and tested for CALL 117 certification flammability regulations. Thus, you will find it safe for your space, which is very important since children will use it most.

In the end, the high-quality gaming chair requires no assembly since you'll get a video on how to do so. And dimensions measure 29 x 16 x 28 inches, and the weight capacity is 15 lbs; hence, it is ideal for children.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Maximum support


  • /

X Rocker V Rocker SE Black Foam Floor Video Gaming Chair - Smart Gaming Chair

Our best PC gaming chairs under 100 don't come alone, but with speakers! They are an ideal choice for you if you like the racing style of computer games.

Namely, the rice seat provides a perfect solution for playing games, relaxing, reading, watching TV, listening to music. Thus, it's a multifunctional gaming chair for everyone's needs.

The two forward-facing speakers contain a powerful subwoofer located at the back of the chair, which provides a low rumble, intensifying your game, music, or movie, while providing a great sound.

This way, the control panel also contains the separate bass controls, volume, input, and output jacks for connecting it with the audio sources. Hence, if you have other X-Ray gaming chairs, you can join them in a multi-game mode.

Moreover, these chairs are very compatible, and you can connect them with various devices and systems, such as TV, DVD, CD, smart devices, MP3, and Blu-ray players. Therefore, the chairs are multifunctional as well and fit all devices in one's household. Simply amazing!

Concerning the assembly part, you should know that you won't need much time to install it since you'll obtain the hardware and all other elements necessary for the installation.

Besides, the maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs, so both children and adults will love every moment they spend in these chairs, for ultimate pleasure.

Finally, you can fold it back for more storage space, and the portability is easy as well. These chairs don't require much effort concerning storage space, as you might observe.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • The excellent high back support


  • Questionable warranty period

Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair - Fabulous Design

The next racing style gaming chair from our catalog is our incredible gaming chair cheapest. Since it contains the unusual and unique design, it has mesh instead of PU leather that many of you are used to.

So, in the first place, it is distinctive for its design. Moreover, it offers long-lasting comfort.

However, the ergonomic gaming chair includes full mobility when you're playing games, working at the computer, or holding meetings in your office.

Thus, you can replace your old office chair with this beauty so that everyone can envy you.

Our best gaming/office chair contains a BIFMA certificate, so you'll find it sturdy and reliable, with a durable, heavy-duty construction, which will last for an extended period. The maximum weight capacity these chairs can endure is 250 lbs. This way, everybody can use it conveniently, without any issues.

The 360 degree of silent and turning wheels will ease your moving on the floor and will protect it from any type of damage.

The package contains all the necessary elements, tools, and hardware for easy installation. Thus, you don't need more than 10 to 15 minutes to set it up since you'll get the instruction manual as well for effortless installation.

Finally, these gaming chairs have a 90 days warranty period, during which you can get your money back or replace these chairs with new, better ones if you're not satisfied.

However, we don't think this will be the case since the reviews show these chairs as an excellent solution if you want both a gaming/office chair!


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Excellent high back
  • Perfect ergonomic system


  • Poor quality

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair - Incredible Lumbar Support

Another high-quality racing style gaming chair for professional players is this fantastic chair.

Consisting of high-quality PU leather, it provides the ultimate comfort! Thus, your racing style gaming experience will take you to another level! Impressive, don't you think so?

However, the 180 degrees high back system will offer you various positions you can take while using our gaming chair since it is adjustable to your neck, body, and spine.

Moreover, it reduces the pressure, reduces the back pain, and increases the relaxing atmosphere and soft touch to your skin.

The ergonomic system provides 360 degree of wheel movability so that you can smoothly move through the playroom, game room, office, etc.

As you can notice, the options are limitless, and it's up to you where you will place this fabulous gaming chair, which you can use as an office chair.

Furthermore, the BIFMA certificate shows that these chairs are user friendly, and the robust and reliable construction can endure up to 250 lbs of maximum weight capacity. This way, it will serve anybody, and you don't have to bother whether it will break or crack - it is impossible!

Since the gaming chair comes pre-ready in the package and includes all the tools and necessary elements for effortless and quick installation, you won't need more than ten to fifteen minutes to set it up. It's a time and energy saver.

The manufacturer offers ninety days of warranty to replace it or change some parts if you're not satisfied for free during this period. However, we don't see that as an option since it will undoubtedly satisfy your needs!


  • Quick assembly
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent support
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Flaws concerning construction parts

AuAg Home Office Chair Computer Desk Chair High Back mesh Rolling Chair - Best for Ergonomic System

Little by little, we have come to our penultimate chair from the list. This racing style gaming chair will take your breath away! You may ask why, and here is the answer.

The thick padding cushion seat and an unusual mesh appearance make it an ideal option for professional players who spend much of the time at a computer. Hence, our chairs offer exceptional comfort!

Concerning the material, these chairs contain the PU leather, an anti-oxidant, which is wear-resisting, and user-friendly. So, your body and skin won't damage due to the best material protection ever!

Moreover, the thick steel 1.8 mm frame provides enormous durability and sturdiness to last for an extended time.

This chair also has 360 degree of smooth and swivel wheels that enable complete movability without harming the floor, carpet, or any other area on which it stands.

The support, back, and armrest offer 90 - 180 degrees of adjustable positions to your neck, spine, and body. Thus, the chair reduces the pressure and provides maximum comfort. 

Also, it has a removable lumbar cushion and headrest. So, you can use it as an office chair as well if you like.

Because the chair comes with all elements for assembly, you don't have to use additional tools to install it and will need only 10 - 15 minutes to place it where you like.

Finally, the manufacturer provides a one year guarantee period for free replacing, money refund, and 24/7 customer service for all issues regarding the chair.


  • Affordable
  • Great support
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Quick assembly


  • Inadequate package with missing parts

IDS Online Video Gaming Racing Home Computer Desk Ergonomic High Back Executive Office Chair - Best for Water-resistance

Last but not least, a chair from our collection is this beautiful gaming chair. You won't miss with this one since it's a real heaven on earth for pro players! They say it's a real must-have! So, let's see why they adore it.

The chair contains 360 degrees of smooth-rolling casters for maximum movability. Moreover, the wheels have coating protection; hence, they won't harm the area they are on. Thus, you'll get two for the price of one! Amazing!

The pneumatic adjustable seat-height and high back offer 180 degrees to moderate the height and position you want to take for your body. You don't have to wiggle to find the right place since you'll feel comfortable whatever you lean or sit.

The design contains the soft PU leather upholstery with extensive padding oil, thus providing a comfortable and soft touch-skin.

So, it's a user-friendly chair. Besides, the lumbar support and back relieve you from back pressure and pain when you study, work, or play games.

Furthermore, the sturdy and reliable construction is long-lasting, and you can easily clean it with wiping only.

Finally, the dimensions are excellent as well, and they measure 26 x 24 x 42-46 inches, with the weight capacity of 250 lbs, on everybody's joy.


  • Affordable
  • comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • Poor packaging with missing parts

What is The Best Gaming Chair Under 100? - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best gaming chair nowadays might be challenging. As you can find multiple gaming chairs on the market, you might be indecisive about choosing the right ones.

But, worry no more since our comprehensive guide will show you how to choose the best gaming chairs under 100. So, stay with us!

1. Ergonomic Design

best gaming chair under 100 pounds

When choosing the right gaming chairs, you should always check whether they have the ergonomic system.

It's a system that fits people who use them and aims to improve the environment or workspace to minimize the possibility of harm or injury. So if the chair contains this system, you should opt for it.

2. Comfort

Don't buy the chair if it's not comfortable! You should always check whether the material adjusts to your body and spine. Otherwise, you might have health issues.

You can search for PU leather, for instance, since it fits all body positions and won't harm you. But you can check other materials as well.

3. Sturdiness and Durability

best gaming chair under 100 dollars

If you search for an excellent gaming chair, you should check whether the construction frame, seat, and back are strong enough to endure maximum weight capacity.

This way, the chair won't break and will last for an extended period. So, if the chair is secure and reliable, you can say it's an ideal option.

4. Adjustability

Finally, when searching for the gaming chairs, you should opt for the ones that have excellent lumbar support, adjustable back, and armrest. They will quickly adjust to your body, neck, and spine, providing the ultimate comfort.

Moreover, the 360 degree of smooth wheels will protect your floor from damage; therefore, it will remain untouchable.

If you have read all this, hurry up, select our best gaming chairs today and enjoy your gaming adventures!


1. What is a Reasonable Price for a Gaming Chair?

the best gaming chair under $100

The answer depends on how much money you can spend on a gaming chair. In this article, we have reviewed those under 100; however, they're more expensive.

The higher price doesn't always provide a better quality since you can find excellent gaming chairs, even under 100. But, it's up to you what gaming chair you want to buy.

2. What is the Most Comfortable Gaming Chair?

The most comfortable gaming chair is the one that adjusts to your body, spine, and neck, whatever position you take.

Those gaming chairs reduce the pressure and pain while offering a maximum relaxing atmosphere and ultimate comfort.

If they have the PU leather as the primary material, it's only a bonus! Therefore, those gaming chairs are the best.

Final Thoughts - Summary

We proudly state that our best gaming chair is this fantastic bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair!

As the title says, it offers maximum comfort, reduces back pain, and adjusts to your body in five different positions.

Moreover, the chair is multifunctional, long-lasting, and universal, thanks to its design, firmness, and stability. You can use it for various purposes.

Furthermore, the installation and cleaning are straightforward since you can set the chair up in minutes, and clean its sponge and water.

Finally, the chair has excellent proportions and a 246 lbs weight capacity so that everyone could use our best chair.

bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair w/Back Support - Adjustable, Padded Folding Seat for Gaming,...*
  • SIT ANYWHERE - Whether you need a comfortable spot to game, a reliable meditation floor seat, or some extra seating for guests, these comfy chairs create an immediate sit-down solution.
  • ULTRA THICK PADDING - Way better than a yoga mat, cushion, or bean bag! These floor chairs can be laid completely flat or angled to make a supportive backrest, wherever you decide to take a load off.
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE - Our folding floor chair is wide enough to sit any child or adult comfortably. At 12lbs, its lightweight, adjustable design makes it easy to fold down and carry around
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our floor seating for adults and kids is almost as easy to wash as it is to sit on. Just use a damp sponge on any stain while wet and viola! Good as new!
  • PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT - Know a host that could use some more seats, a devoted sports fan, or a gamer that needs a new spot? Our floor chairs for adults make excellent Christmas gifts for teens, adults,...

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