How to Choose the Best Console Tables for You In 2020

If you need a better place to keep pieces of stuff and you are not a fan of clumsy side stools, then you should consider getting a console table.

In this informative piece, we are taking you through all you need to know about console tables, and then take you through the best console tables for you in 2020. Stay tuned!


Top 3 Console Tables on the Market: Comparison Chart

Why You Need a Console Table?

A console table is usually as tall as the regular desk or table with a slim and extensive surface. It is generally placed against the wall in spaces like the lounge or lobby. It is called a sofa table when its back is against a sofa.

If you are wondering why you need to buy this exciting piece of furniture, the following reasons will surely help you do the conviction.

Why You Need a Console Table

More Surface Space

If you lack storage space around your home and don’t want to bring in more drawers and make your room too stuffy, then you should get a console table. Console tables have this sleek, small design that just laps into the wall of your hallway or staircase. They offer a slim surface on the top and drawers within, making it an excellent fix for your lack of storage space.


Handy Surface for Your Keys, Wallet and Other Stuff

Have you ever entered your home after a long day only to lose your car keys? You can tell it's exasperating turning your house over to search for your wallet on your way out to grocery store. If you are not so good with keeping pieces of stuff like keys around the house, then you need a table in your hallway to do the job.

A console table helps organize your home once you learn to follow the routine of dropping off outstanding stuff like your keys, mails and purse on them. You can get a beautiful piece of pottery for your keys to make your home look even better.

A console table also helps with sorting your mails. Rather than dump them all at a spot, you can use the drawers to separate your letters. You can keep fresh mails at one end of the drawer and old mails at the other end. Thus, you will no longer feel disorganized from having envelopes scattered across your tables.


They Light Up the Hallway

If you are a big fan of tastefully finished interiors, then you need a table to beautifully grace your hall. It’s not cool for your foyer to be bland and free because you just can’t keep stuff there as someone will knock them down.

With a console table that fits perfectly, your hallway looks better and more streamlined. A console table will highlight all other pieces of art like your flower vase and keep them safe from playful kids who will knock them down. You can keep it below a beautiful part of a painting hanging from the wall for better appearance.

Console tables add this extra touch of class to your hallway. It orders the space and will fit with any style of décor you have in mind.


They Don’t Take Up Space

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your room and you badly need a piece of furniture, then you should check out a console table. They are slim, tall and come in different sizes. They can easily fit into any corner and doesn’t need to conspicuously disrupt the circulation space around you.

With a console table, you have enough space to keep your books, telephone and other stuff without making your room look off. Console tables easily blend into their environment, and you can use them even in your bedroom. Remember, it comes with an extra drawer, unlike them stools.


They Wouldn’t Hurt Your Pocket

Console tables are not exactly expensive. This means you don’t have to go out off your budget just to get one. They are different varieties, styles and sizes that would fit your requirements without hurting your pocket. They are sizable and straightforward to move around too. So it’s not like you are bringing in another heavy piece of furniture that will be too much hard work when you eventually decide to move.

Top 5 Best Console Tables In 2020 and Reviews

To help you shop for the best console table. We took our time to go through tons of products from different furniture makers. Now we have a solid list of the top five console tables you must have this year.

Check them out!

VASAGLE Console Table, Sofa Table, Entryway Table with Metal Mesh Shelf

If you are looking to add that rusty touch of vintage to your room or hallway, then you should check out the Vintage-style table from Vasagle.

The product is not mainly made for storage purposes. Instead, it serves more like a decorative addition although there are meshes grate beneath it which is perfect for items like books, shoes, bags and other home items.


  • Veneer crafted vintage table-top finished with sturdy metal frames
  • Mesh grate beneath the tabletop for extra storage space
  • Versatile tabletop and strong, stable legs for added durability


  • Vintage-styled console table for crispy decorative interior
  • Spacious tabletop for decorative items like photo frames, flowers, telephone and other things
  • Extra storage space for other home items beneath the table


  • Lacks extra storage space and storage drawers


If you are not particularly keen on storage drawers, then this might be the right table for you. It’s easy to assemble and would definitely draw attention wherever you decide to place it.

Leick Mission Hall Console Table, Russet

The Leick is on a mission with this one. If you have a narrow hallway or staircase and you need to have a console table seating at a corner, then you should check out this small piece of console table designed to fit into the tiniest of space and highlight to the beauty of the environment.

Despite its size, the Leick console table has a spacious tabletop, a display shelf and a size-able storage drawer. It is made not just to sit idly at your space but to hold as many items as you would love to put on it.

Made from solid wood materials and finished with hand-crafted russets, the table will make a beautiful wooden addition to your space and would easily blend with other wooden furniture around it.


  • Made from solid oak veneer and finished with rich, hand-crafted russets
  • A lower display area and a drawer for extra storage space
  • Size-able for small spaces like a narrow hallway, rooms and apartments


  • Made from the most beautiful wooden material and stylishly finished with a dark hardware
  • Compact and sizable for smaller spaces
  • Extra storage space and display shelf for better functionality
  • Easy to assemble/dismantle


  • The table will look odd in an ample area


The Leick Mission Hall Console Table is a fantastic product for those seeking a small and functional table.

However, it will undoubtedly look odd in an ample space. If you request a small and inconspicuous table for your area, this will be a good buy.

Winsome Wood Rochester Occasional Table, Antique Walnut

If you are in the market for a rock-solid console table made from very durable material and robust construction, then the Winsome Wood Console table should be on top of your list.

The table has a classic design and an attractive wood stain that would make it stand out in your space.

It is suitable not just for home and décor items but can serve as a temporary work station.


  • All wood console table finished with antique walnut
  • Adequate storage space made from rock-solid wood and polished nickel hardware
  • Classic-style table, a perfect fit for all types of room décor


  • Rock-solid construction with easy-to-do assembling steps, parts and tools
  • Drawer for extra storage space
  • Traditionally-styled design for exquisite interiors


  • No known drawback


The Winsome Wood Console table looks like the regular table but has fantastic functionality.

From the easy assembling process to quality construction and finishing put into the product, you will likely be making the right choice when you get this product.

Monarch Specialties 47" Console Table - Sleek and Modern Accent Table for Your Home

Are you looking for a console table that would instantly grab the attention of anyone who walks into your space? Search no more! The new monarch specialties console table is a beauty to behold. 

From the unique curves that accentuate other decorative elements down to the cappuccino-styled finishing; this console table is too conspicuous to be ignored in any space.

The curves offer ample space for you to incorporate other decorative items and home units which you would love to highlight in your area.

The three-tiered open design provides plenty of space for additional home items which you would like to have this table because it would be tough to forget whatever you drop on it.

The table is simple, apart from the curves, nothing else is complicated. It is compact and would fit seamlessly into any space.


  • Three-tiered open space design for home and decorative items
  • Multi-functional design can serve as a console table in your home or even office
  • Finished with a Crisp, warm cappuccino design
  • Made from quality particleboard, MDF and Hollow core
  • Strong and reliable base


  • Simple yet very stylish
  • Has plenty display space for decorative items
  • Made from quality, durable materials
  • Fits seamlessly into any space


  • The assembly instructions are not very descriptive


The new monarch specialties console table is the real deal for lovers of curves and open space display units. The schedule will plainly put other decorative items on the spotlight and is very beautiful.

Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table

If you love rustic, metallic designs and you want something transitional that would stand out in your hallway, then you should try out the Tucson console table.

The console table once again shows the versatility of convenience concepts and their traditional ideas of combining wood with unique metallic designs.

The Tucson console table is the combination of wood and x-framed metal structure built to last for a long time. The table has two open space display units large enough to hold your books, decorative items and other home items.


  • Built with a solid metal X-frame with powder coat
  • Classical, transitional styles with options for multiple finishes
  • Large table surface finished with melamine veneer


  • Solid build with durable materials and top-notch melamine veneer finishes
  • Functional console table with a spacious surface top
  • Detailed assembly manual with easy steps for swift set up
  • Multiple finishes options


  • The packaging process may result in the damage of the surface table.


The Tucson console table is a reliable product made for lovers of simple, functional furniture. It is spacious, compact and durable. Thus, you can fit into any space in your home.

How to Buy a Console Table: Things to Consider?

How to Buy a Console Table

Now you have a list of the best console table, here are some of the factors you should thoughtfully consider when you shop for a console table.


Your Preferred Style

A console table is an extra addition to an already existing space with furniture. So when you are shopping for a console table, your first consideration should be the right style that would portray your personality, taste in furniture and lifestyle.

There are plenty of types of styles you can pick from, at some point you are likely to get confused on which table best suits you. To help you make your desired choice, here are the common types of styles for console tables.


Traditional Console Tables

Traditional console tables are tables designed with the styles from ancient times. They represent the style and designs of eras like the Victorian and renaissance period. They made from dark woods and finished with detailed architectural styles like thick moldings, cabriole legs and decorative finishes like drawer pulls made from brass.


Contemporary Console Tables

A modern piece of furniture is made from lighter woods and wood finishes with decorative styles from retro, urban and art deco. They focus on brightening your space with linear lines and forms. They have less complicated ornamental pieces with simple appearances.


Transitional Console Tables

Transitional furniture is a mix of both contemporary and traditional styles. They are usually finished with decorative elements from both sides but with more emphasis on functionality rather than design. Their forms and flows are typically toned down and linear. Built with simple and less complicated finishes and medium wood finishes, they are generally discreet and would fall behind other pieces in a space.

Other decorative styles include:

  • Modern techniques that represent technological advancements from the 20th centuries
  • Countryside furniture
  • The eclectic style which is the combination of all different styles to define the user’s personality

The Materials

Another factor you must consider is the material you wish to have in your space. Console tables should be durable because they not only hold your display mementoes but can serve as extra storage space for bulky items like books.

If you are more on the decorative side, you can opt for console table tops made from stylish materials like leather, stone, glass or a combination of glass and stone. Using these materials for your console table in your room or hallway will surely make a bold statement about your taste and style.

However, if you are in for functionality and durability, you should opt for a console table made from wood. Wood furniture is very durable and is known to last for a very long time. They are hardly prone to damages, unlike glass and granite.

A console table made from genuine wood is best for a long term investment. You can go for a console table made from hardwood like oak, maple or beech. These hardwoods are the structural core used for wooden console table. They are design options that combine tree with a softwood like cedar and pine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some frequently asked questions about console tables that would guide you and help you make the right choice.

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Bottom Line

The information above will help you make a well-informed decision when you shop for a console table.

You can check out the tables on our list or let us know in the comment section if there are other options you prefer.

Good luck!

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